News and Views from the Shipping World

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  1. maritime and shiplovers' events 2009
  2. Daily China-Taiwan flights begin (BBC News)
  3. Group admits ship drug smuggling (BBC News)
  4. Film crew rescued from navy ship (BBC News)
  5. Refunds given over delayed cruise (BBC News)
  6. Titanic survivor's letters sold (BBC News)
  7. William's warship in homecoming (BBC News)
  8. Russian ships enter Cuba waters (BBC News)
  9. States of Guernsey purchase tankers.
  10. Repairs begin on undersea cable (BBC News)
  11. Saving Malawi's naval lifeline (BBC News)
  12. What did you do on Christmas eve.......
  13. Praise for ferry company's skills (BBC News)
  14. Man rescued from ship shaft fall (BBC News)
  15. Maritime Heritage - Save our Ships!
  16. FAO "bnorrie"
  17. QE2 Falklands ship captain dies (BBC News)
  18. Iolaire disaster recalled on isle (BBC News)
  19. Santa Maria Manuela
  20. stv the merchant navy
  21. Liner to depart on record voyage (BBC News)
  22. Japanese whaler reported missing (BBC News)
  23. Nigerian pirates grab French ship (BBC News)
  24. Bourbon Dolphin Owners Fined
  25. Ship death sailor 'needed permit' (BBC News)
  26. Arcadia
  27. WWII landings ship to be restored (BBC News)
  28. Engineers asses damaged navy ship (BBC News)
  29. Napoli remains removed by summer (BBC News)
  30. Nigerian pirates free nine crew (BBC News)
  31. River Fal forced to turn away ships as space runs out
  32. RFA Argus docks for major refit (BBC News)
  33. US to lead new anti-pirate force (BBC News)
  34. Fire breaks out on HMS Intrepid (BBC News)
  35. QE2 to be cut in half
  36. Nomadic at 'crucial' repair stage (BBC News)
  37. Hunting the lost Beagle (BBC News)
  38. Funeral for QE2 Falklands captain (BBC News)
  39. Supertanker crew 'safe and well' (BBC News)
  40. Ocean cruise ends in almighty brawl
  41. Shipping magnate seized in Greece (BBC News)
  42. Teratai Prima - Another Indonesian Ferry sinks.
  43. Agreement to ship hazardous waste (BBC News)
  44. MP fears for future of Endurance (BBC News)
  45. HMS Endurance may be total 'write-off'
  46. Indonesia ferry toll may top 300 (BBC News)
  47. Royal Navy Ark Royal visits city (BBC News)
  48. Plane crashes in New York Rive
  49. On board 'world class' destroyer (BBC News)
  50. Record-breaking vessel in Mersey (BBC News)
  51. MSC RHONE (Panama)
  52. Damaged Endurance to be repaired (BBC News)
  53. HMS Daring leaves Clyde
  54. Union plea over stranded sailors (BBC News)
  55. Four jailed after ship drug raid (BBC News)
  56. merry sailors
  57. Blowing 62knots + Cork - Grande Scandinavia breaks from quay
  58. Cargo ship in difficulty off Kerry coast
  59. Sinegorsk loses timber cargo in rough seas (BBC News)
  60. Kidnappers release Greek magnate (BBC News)
  61. You may be overpaying in Tauranga, New Zealand.
  62. A Master Mariner crosses the bar
  63. Islanders 'happy to stay cut off' (BBC News)
  64. Two hurt as waves hit cruise ship (BBC News)
  65. Cargo ship timber washing ashore (BBC News)
  66. A Real Hero - Jack Binns
  67. Queen Mary cash crisis
  68. Shipping and the recession
  69. Artificial reef ship plan muted (BBC News)
  70. Ship's timber 'on building sites' (BBC News)
  71. Blue Baron = Port Nicholson ?
  72. US Navy and suppliers test superconductor motor
  73. HMS Daring makes home port debut (BBC News)
  74. Japan to deploy ships off Somalia (BBC News)
  75. Reef ship plan hits funding snag (BBC News)
  76. Storm-hit cruise ship back home (BBC News)
  77. HMS Daring makes home port debut (BBC News)
  78. Town aims to attract cruise ships (BBC News)
  79. Lorry found hanging out of ferry
  80. Anchor changes over tanker report (BBC News)
  81. RNLI Fund Raising this weekend
  82. Crew rescued from stricken barge
  83. Timber lost at sea seen off beach (BBC News)
  84. Foreign workers held 'for safety' (BBC News)
  85. Legendary British warship 'found' (BBC News)
  86. Liverpool Coasguard PAN PAN
  87. Ballycotton lifeboat is assisting a yacht that got into difficulty off Roches Point
  88. Mobiles connect across the waves (BBC News)
  89. Cruise Companies to leave Liverpool?
  90. Cyprus searches 'Gaza arms' ship (BBC News)
  91. Liverpool chosen for shipping HQ (BBC News)
  92. India denies Chinese sub reports (BBC News)
  93. Israelis 'attack' Gaza aid ship (BBC News)
  94. Tributes to expert ship bottler (BBC News)
  95. Audio slideshow: Where ships go to die (BBC News)
  96. Ship fire sparks major sea rescue (BBC News)
  97. Israel expels Gaza aid ship team (BBC News)
  98. Russia allows US supplies transit (BBC News)
  99. Manx ship registry hits milestone (BBC News)
  100. Cruise ship hit by vomiting bug (BBC News)
  101. Worlds largest ship
  102. shipping downturn
  103. Ship bringing extra salt supplies (BBC News)
  104. USS Port Royal
  105. 1809 lighthouse is burning bright (BBC News)
  106. Oil tanker, container ship in fire off Dubai
  107. Darwin 200: The Galapagos Islands (BBC News)
  108. Crew 'fought to save submariners' (BBC News)
  109. UK ships 'missing safety tests' (BBC News)
  110. No Gaza arms on ship, says Iran (BBC News)
  111. MOONDANCE Grounding report published
  112. S.S. United States reportedly for sale
  113. Cyprus unloads 'Gaza arms' ship (BBC News)
  114. Salt shipment heading for docks (BBC News)
  115. MNOPF strategic review
  116. Congratulations to Samantha Davis!
  117. Overpriced euro is destroying European industry
  118. QE2 Scraped ?
  119. Russian warships spill 300 tonnes of oil off Irish coast
  120. First sponsor for Tall Ships Race (BBC News)
  121. Navy on international exercise (BBC News)
  122. Sweet rock to save historic ship (BBC News)
  123. Antarctic ship to be evacuated (BBC News)
  124. Helicopter Crash North Sea
  125. Watchman asleep as ship grounded (BBC News)
  126. Danton wreck found in deep water (BBC News)
  127. Russia told to probe ship sinking (BBC News)
  128. 'Superguns' of Elizabeth I's navy (BBC News)
  129. Replica ship up for 1.75m sale (BBC News)
  130. Warship in Avonmouth for training (BBC News)
  131. Cement ship grounded on sand bar (BBC News)
  132. Atlantic row halted by collision (BBC News)
  133. Going... Gone: Trawler In Rescue Drama
  134. Spanish trawler sinks off Newfoundland
  135. Queen's Navy ship returns to port (BBC News)
  136. South Rock Lightship - going going, gone!
  137. Buoy watches sun set on lightship (BBC News)
  138. Navy ship docks for celebrations (BBC News)
  139. Report of Ships Colliding at Southampton
  140. People welcome Queen's Navy ship (BBC News)
  141. Global Economic Situation
  142. Cammell Laird to build flight decks for new carriers
  143. Home port return for damaged ship (BBC News)
  144. Medivac From Ben My-Chree
  145. MSC in Spain ?
  146. Car falls from ferry in middle of river channel
  147. Seventeen crew are missing after a cargoship sank off the Red Sea
  148. Chinese ships 'harass' US vessel (BBC News)
  149. Aurora develops fault down under (BBC News)
  150. Two cargo ships collide off Japan (BBC News)
  151. C/E dies after accident at Napier Port
  152. More bad weather on Shetland Ferries
  153. Molly Kool, First Woman Sea Captain in N America
  154. Clyde yard secures navy contract (BBC News)
  155. red funnel/jadrolinija
  156. N Korea 'satellite test date set' (BBC News)
  157. Australian coast hit by oil spill (BBC News)
  158. Flotsam and Jetsam.
  159. Japan to join anti-piracy patrols (BBC News)
  160. Destroyers 'late and over budget' (BBC News)
  161. More mothballing 'likely' at port (BBC News)
  162. INCAT redundancies
  163. China patrols in South China Seas (BBC News)
  164. Veteran steamer returns to form (BBC News)
  165. Those in peril on the sea
  166. Longhope Lifeboat
  167. New QE liner to set sail in 2010 (BBC News)
  168. Helicopter in yacht crew rescue (BBC News)
  169. London's "Queen Mary" for sale!
  170. China 'to step up naval patrols' (BBC News)
  171. red funnel red jet 2
  172. US navy vessels collide in Gulf (BBC News)
  173. Liquid gas delivery heads to port (BBC News)
  174. Barge sinking off Southampton
  175. Sign of the times
  176. UK ships super-telescope's 'ears' (BBC News)
  177. Ship home after tackling pirates (BBC News)
  178. Pirates murder sailor
  179. new Titanic hero
  180. Sea threatens historic lighthouse (BBC News)
  181. Collision causes oil spill
  182. Exxon Valdez
  183. S E D
  184. Photo ID to be required for Domestic Ferry Journeys
  185. One for the Good Guys, me hearties!
  186. Aurora propeller trouble.
  187. Helicopter crash North Sea
  188. Call for shipping law enforcement (BBC News)
  189. Deal 'agreed' for Swansea ferry (BBC News)
  190. Schooner Argus
  191. Panama Locks
  192. ANother Mersey Ferry May go?
  193. Sky diving at 97!
  194. QE2's record broken by the new Queen Elizabeth
  195. World trade fall hits Hong Kong shipping (BBC News)
  196. Doomed helicopter failed vital safety test, files reveal
  197. Calling Furness Bermuda Line ships' crew for reunion
  198. Digital model aids ship relaunch (BBC News)
  199. NA Container Traffic
  200. Tankers sit tight for price rise (BBC News)
  201. Ports draft plans to cut pilots (BBC News)
  202. Tanker sinks
  203. Warships 'due to move Navy base' (BBC News)
  204. Wreck team seek to 'allay fears' (BBC News)
  205. Ex-naval boss concerned for city (BBC News)
  206. China 'to increase naval power' (BBC News)
  207. Fishermen stage 'go-slow' protest (BBC News)
  208. The owners of Hebridean Princess are bankrupt
  209. Row strands saved migrants at sea (BBC News)
  210. Britannia crew return for reunion (BBC News)
  211. US regulations
  212. Transplant woman winched off ship (BBC News)
  213. China puts naval might on display (BBC News)
  214. City home to massive cruise ship (BBC News)
  215. Summer spruce-up for replica ship (BBC News)
  216. Argentina stakes Falklands claim
  217. Wreck artefacts to go on display (BBC News)
  218. Captain 'failed to ensure safety' (BBC News)
  219. Royal visitor for HMS Albion crew (BBC News)
  220. Iraqis gear up for 'Waterworld' duty (BBC News)
  221. Tankers anchored off Suffolk coast
  222. Firefighters tackle blaze on ship (BBC News)
  223. Pentagon warns over Chinese boats (BBC News)
  224. Dead sailor ship's 'pipe blocked' (BBC News)
  225. 'Anaconda' harnesses wave power (BBC News)
  226. Ferry relaunch delayed until 2010 (BBC News)
  227. A taste of life on board Lusty (BBC News)
  228. Wind changes course of isle tour (BBC News)
  229. River Fal Layups
  230. First cruise ship of year docks (BBC News)
  231. Cruise ship brings tourism boost (BBC News)
  232. Ship scrap prices could plummet to $100 per ldt
  233. Russian ship impounded in UK port (BBC News)
  234. Female crew in Atlantic challenge (BBC News)
  235. Complacency led to ship accident (BBC News)
  236. Whisky Galore turned into musical (BBC News)
  237. Fire crew undergo ferry training (BBC News)
  238. Delay causes ship food shortage (BBC News)
  239. Memorial plans for liner victims (BBC News)
  240. War sea dog statue shipped abroad (BBC News)
  241. Louis Lines Sea Diamond - fuel oil removal from wreck finally about to start
  242. Captain of Scottish Viking taken ill just before maiden ferry run
  243. The relentless criminalisation of the ship's master
  244. BW Group - Sohmen honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award
  245. Rosyth ship completes maiden trip (BBC News)
  246. Decision day for impounded ship (BBC News)
  247. English Channel shipwrecks revealed, fishing industry blamed for wreck damage (BBC)
  248. Bangladesh claims it's in pole position following UN shipbreaking treaty
  249. Cruiseship order slump threatens skills loss at European yards
  250. BW Herdis - Video: Coast Guard rescues man after tanker explosion