News and Views from the Shipping World

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  1. BW Herdis - Video: Coast Guard rescues man after tanker explosion
  2. Tuxedo Royale
  3. Cranes unloaded from Chinese ship (BBC News)
  4. M/V Hebei Courage rescues fishermen adrift for 13 days after fishing boat had sunk
  5. F/V Silver Cloud owner to be compensated by MOD after sub ruined his nets this week
  6. Victims & families of NCL Norway boiler explosion in 2003 back in court against NCL
  7. Back Ground of Neptune Risk International (Maritime Security Service)
  8. First port of call for destroyer (BBC News)
  9. Mira - crew hijacked the ship to India 6 months ago & tried to sink it deliberately
  10. Lloyds Register grants ‘Green Passport’ to Wallenius’ Tristan
  11. TID 164 Sunk?
  12. NZ "Ghost Ship" arrives in Queensland
  13. Service to bless HMS Gloucester (BBC News)
  14. Navy warships dispatched as Spain invades seas around Gibraltar
  15. Simple Quiz!
  16. Quake zone diary: Out to sea (BBC News)
  17. Shipwreck's 'Prince Charlie' link (BBC News)
  18. Mitsui O.S.K. Says It May Acquire Bulk Shipping Line
  19. Sub will explore undersea borders (BBC News)
  20. Falklands ship to leave service (BBC News)
  21. V.Ships says Hebei Two could leave Korea by June 11
  22. Paris MoU adopts new Port State Control Inspection System.
  23. Ocean monster shows hidden depths (BBC News)
  24. Australia swine flu ship isolated (BBC News)
  25. HMS Ramsey arrives for home visit (BBC News)
  26. Chinese ships 'quit Korea waters' (BBC News)
  27. Ground truths: Predicting the 'big one' (BBC News)
  28. Firm fined £280,000 over deaths (BBC News)
  29. Italian ferry Vincenzo Florio evacuated after fire breaks out at sea
  30. Small freighter 'Katy B' sinks whilst in Hamburg harbour today
  31. Cargo vessel 'Fatih' capsizes off Zanzibar last night, 3 drowned
  32. Millvina Dean, last Titanic survivor has died aged 97
  33. Air France plane 'missing' off Brazil with 215 on board
  34. Stolen ferry
  35. Army and Navy clash over ships (BBC News)
  36. Spain awarded shipwreck treasure (BBC News)
  37. Sri Lanka holds 'Tamil aid ship' (BBC News)
  38. What shall we do with the drunken sailor?
  39. QE2 owners dismiss sale rumours (BBC News)
  40. The Shipping Industry as a Key Economic Indicator
  41. Hospital ship comming to visit
  42. S Lanka turns away Tamil aid ship (BBC News)
  43. Thames cruise 'Hurlingham' boat skipper 'was distracted' - MAIB report
  44. Cargo ship contract is terminated (BBC News)
  45. Physical Fitness Testing Medicals for the Seafarer
  46. Windows 7 to ship without browser (BBC News)
  47. Man trapped hanging off ship edge (BBC News)
  48. The world's biggest private yacht launched in Hamburg yesterday
  49. N Korea threatens military action (BBC News)
  50. Tug sinks in Peterhead harbour
  51. Items saved from PS Ryde Queen to be auctioned to help save PS Monarch
  52. HMS Bulwark
  53. Newlyn fish firm W. Stevenson & Son ordered to pay £710,000 for quota scam
  54. Swine flu cruise ship quarantined (BBC News)
  55. Ship sets sail for famous race (BBC News)
  56. Cruise ship Royal Princess engine room fire last night off Port Said
  57. Japan expands anti-piracy mission (BBC News)
  58. Unclaimed Bodies from 'Princess of the Stars"
  59. Argentine golden shipwreck found - Polar Mist carrying $18m in gold in January
  60. Coal protesters board cargo ship (BBC News)
  61. DOJ pushes raps vs Sulpicio Lines exec, ‘Princess’ captain
  62. New era for historic steam ship (BBC News)
  63. Gas cloud as ship releases fumes (BBC News)
  64. Project Kelvin
  65. New Cruise Ship for Celebrity
  66. MPs' fears over Destroyer delays (BBC News)
  67. Vintage ship day out ends in drunken brawl aboard Balmoral
  68. Q E 2
  69. Nomadic refit date 'challenging' (BBC News)
  70. The final nail in the coffin for Bank Line?
  71. Sri Lanka 'accepts' Tamil aid ship (BBC News)
  72. Campaigners bid for ship's return (BBC News)
  73. Burma denies link to N Korea ship (BBC News)
  74. US Supreme Court rules for seaman in dispute with ship owner
  75. Containership 'Safmarine Meru' sheds toxic containers in storm off Cape Town
  76. Pacific Sun - Truth behind dream cruise which 'resembled Titanic'
  77. Crewman from containership 'Sao Paulo' presumed overboard off Alaska
  78. Two freight ships collide in Aegean Sea
  79. Poem
  80. Alaska : In reversal, Exxon Mobil to pay interest on damages in 1989 oil spill
  81. India : cargo ship crewman killed in tug tow line accident
  82. Liner marks £10m dock extension (BBC News)
  83. Israelis intercept Gaza aid ship (BBC News)
  84. Ships moored on loch during slump (BBC News)
  85. North Korean ship 'turned around' (BBC News)
  86. Supply ship 'Demas Victory' lost off Qatar, 30 dead, 5 rescued.
  87. Sea Shepherd Charged
  88. Cruise ship numbers 'disappointing' (BBC News)
  89. Framing of charges ordered in 1996 Malta boat tragedy case
  90. Dismissal upheld in MSC Joanna & WD Fairway collision case
  91. Antarctic ban on HFO
  92. Road naming marks docks disaster
  93. Hapag-Lloyd looks to cut costs further
  94. FAO: Ian Boyle
  95. Court Orders California to Use Cleaner Fuel in Ships
  96. Clock begins tall ship countdown (BBC News)
  97. Cruise ship rescue by coastguard (BBC News)
  98. Cargo ship 'Kapitan Lus' & methanol tanker 'Sundstraum' collision near Copenhagen
  99. Anti-piracy ship returns to base (BBC News)
  100. Filipino ship crew arrested for killing colleague
  101. Child's voice sparks sea search (BBC News)
  102. MOL boxship 'MOL Prosperity' ablaze off Hong Kong
  103. Princess Cruise Lines fined $10,000 for breaching Customs Act
  104. Memorial to one of Britain's youngest fallen servicemen unveiled
  105. Nigeria militants 'capture ship' (BBC News)
  106. Celtica Hav grounds on natural gas pipeline.
  107. Marco Polo hit by norovirus
  108. Work begins on aircraft carriers (BBC News)
  109. Channel ferry doors 'left open' (BBC News)
  110. From mutiny to cruise line bounty (BBC News)
  111. Two men rescued from bulk carrier ship following serious fall — Port Kembla
  112. ‘Negligence’ sank cruise liner - Merchant Marine Ministry investigation
  113. At Least 74 Migrants Disappear In Komodo Shipwreck
  114. German container shipping line seeks €1.75bn
  115. Egypt arrests 25 militants linked to al-Qaida plotting to attack Suez canal
  116. British tourist boat 'Helvaci' sunk in jet ski crash
  117. Trade credit woes hit box ship line Zim fuel supply
  118. US WWII Merchant Seamen Want Recognition
  119. Swire ship involved in Australia's worst pollution accident changes name
  120. Idling ships clog up Singapore shores (BBC News)
  121. 20 tankers anchored off Malta spark concerns over pollution
  122. Swine flu case confirmed on ship (BBC News)
  123. Yacht builder jailed for manslaughter 7 yrs after racing yacht 'Excalibur' tragedy
  124. 2010 The Year of the Seafarer
  125. City welcomes first cruise ship (BBC News)
  126. Man hurt in port crane collapse (BBC News)
  127. Ship repair business bought out (BBC News)
  128. Harrabin's Notebook: Shipping carbon (BBC News)
  129. Never on Sunday
  130. Tufton, Shipping Hedge-Fund Firm, Buys 50% Stake in Allocean Charters Fleet
  131. Could Cannon Balls From The Early 19th Century Sink Warships?
  132. Sail Boston 2009 - Tall Ships: A pictorial review
  133. Philippine Ports Authority offering lay-up facilities around RP
  134. Cosco axes $300m order and delays supramax trio
  135. UN tackles 'climate harm' ships (BBC News)
  136. Capt & C/O plead guilty to pollution & safety charges in NOLA
  137. RAF crewmen receive bravery award - Riverdance rescue (BBC)
  138. Gibraltar sees rise in ship arrests
  139. Mothballing tactics widespread among yards
  140. Wife murdered allegedly by her husband on cruise ship Carnival Elation
  141. ‘Exodus’ Ship Refurbisher, Henry 'Sonny' Schloss, Dies
  142. Two ships lost in two days in Black Sea accidents
  143. Iron-ore ship 'Asian Forest' currently in trouble off Mangalore coast
  144. UK authorities investigate containers from the UK with toxic waste end up in Brazil
  145. Texas A&M blames fatal boat wreck on ship builder
  146. Shipping emissions plan 'stalls' (BBC News)
  147. Honduras ship action declared
  148. Southampton - ‘Sell art or no Titanic museum’ says council leader
  149. US ship in ancient Tower ceremony (BBC News)
  150. Yachts damaged in ship collision (BBC News)
  151. Cruise ship berths in Southampton (BBC News)
  152. Ship seizes 12.4 tonnes of drugs (BBC News)
  153. Tug capsized off BC coast
  154. Cunard Line gets new president and managing director
  155. Troubled Tallink may charter out or sell ships to survive
  156. New dock owner 'wants dredging' (BBC News)
  157. Drugs boat blown up after seizure (BBC News)
  158. Child releases liferaft - Thames passenger vessel
  159. Titanic funding boost for Nomadic (BBC News)
  160. Containership 'Toscana' caught allegedly dumping 16ft containers into sea off Elba
  161. Archaeologists Find Ancient Roman Ships Near Island of Ventotene
  162. Descendent of heroic Scots sea captain honoured with medals : BBC News
  163. Ferries 'Gotland' & 'Gotlandia II' collide outside Stockholm, injuries reported
  164. Dead Whale Gets Stuck in Cruise Ship Bow
  165. Crewman from containership 'Hyundai Tokyo' presumed overboard off Alaska
  166. Ex Gosport Ferries - VITA & FERRY QUEEN sold to Grimsby
  167. One Show seek U-boat memories (BBC News)
  168. Reckless surfers could face jail (BBC News)
  169. Ocean Odyssey (ex Aphrodite, Jason) has arrived off Alang for breaking up
  170. Pirates attack Amazon river cruiser
  171. B.C.'s controversial fast ferries sold to Abu Dhabi buyer
  172. MV Pemba engulfed in flames in Dar es Salaam, the latest of 4 accidents in 4 months
  173. Frigate's £11m refit is under way (BBC News)
  174. Firm plans ship breaking at yard (BBC News)
  175. Personnel respond to fire aboard Atlantic Vision ferry
  176. Flying Angel at Dubai
  177. N Korea 'seizes S Korea vessel' (BBC News)
  178. Canadian shipbuilding deal reached CBC
  179. German treasure hunters strike gold with English shipwreck off Indonesia
  180. 17th century replica ship 'Prins Willem' destroyed by fire 30/07/2009
  181. San Ricardo PNP rescues capsized RORO passengers, crew off Panaon Island
  182. Row over Scillonian move proposal
  183. SS United States
  184. Finnish ship 'Arctic Sea' hijacked off Swedish coast (Merged threads)
  185. Stone carrier 'Langeland' lost with 6 crew aboard in storm off Koster Islands
  186. Swine flu liner docks in France (BBC News)
  187. Large freighter 'Full City' aground off Lagesund after storm (video)
  188. SeaFrance boss warns of bankruptcy risk
  189. Big plans for 200 year-old sunken ship (with video)
  190. Hundreds bid emotional goodbye to Albion Ferry after 52 years of service
  191. Former trawlermen to net compensation
  192. Fast catamaran service to start (BBC News)
  193. Warship’s final days told in Falklands sailor’s book
  194. La Naval launches worlds largest dredging vessel
  195. Thousands turn out for festival (BBC News)
  196. Navy returns from six-month tour (BBC News)
  197. Task force assault ship returns (BBC News)
  198. Taiwan jails Captain from VLCC 'Tosa' for manslaughter after trawler capsize
  199. Ship's weapon dug up from garden (BBC News)
  200. Workers killed whilst breaking 'Jesica' at Alang today
  201. Voyage to study plastic 'island' (BBC News)
  202. Campaign to save crews' mission (BBC News)
  203. Liner fleet growth has stalled
  204. Tonga sinking leaves 33 missing (BBC News)
  205. Iranian ship in trouble off Doha port salvaged in near sinking incident
  206. Thirty rescued from sea in storm
  207. Tourist river ship M/V Aqua hit by robbers for the second time in 9 days in Peru
  208. Large crude spill off Huelva due to pipeline fault during offload from tanker
  209. Adam’s voyage: the Yiohan immigrant boat tragedy becomes a documentary
  210. First Tall Ships arrive in Belfast (BBC News)
  211. Hanjin in full reverse as first half losses top $400m
  212. Big three boxlines slash transpacific coverage
  213. RFA ship visits town for regatta (BBC News)
  214. Unexploded bomb detonated at sea (BBC News)
  215. Russian crew ship 'disappears' (BBC News)
  216. The Tall Ships - Belfast - merged threads
  217. Anger at historic ship sale plans (BBC News)
  218. India experts search N Korea ship (BBC News)
  219. The end of an era
  220. LNG Tanker 'Margaret Hill' impounded at Southampton
  221. Indonesia ferry 'Teratai Prima' captain jailed for 9 years
  222. Royal Navy ship back in home port (BBC News)
  223. Saga Pearl II
  224. Unmanned and Autonomous Ships
  225. New UK based cruise line to start in 2010 with Marco Polo & Ocean Countess
  226. 18 Ukrainian Seamen Go On Hunger Strike On Arrested Ship "Captain Valentin K."
  227. 'Maersk Davao' successfully repaired at sea off Trincomalee by divers
  228. Blade Runners
  229. Crew 'wondered why there were so many people...' memories of SS Ohio in Malta
  230. Cruise ship Zenith evacuated in Stockholm due to serious fire on board
  231. Drugs find ship sailor is charged (BBC News)
  232. Slimming Viking can now sail ship (BBC News)
  233. Formosaproduct Brick on fire after collison in Malacca Strait
  234. Freight route doubles its service (BBC News)
  235. Jack Phillips - Titanic Memorial restoration
  236. China 'rejects' Japan navy visit (BBC News)
  237. Wreck watch returned 128 years on (BBC News)
  238. Toxic waste returns from Brazil (BBC News)
  239. UN shock at migrant boat deaths (BBC News)
  240. First of 3 BC Ferrys starts trip to Emirates
  241. Hunt on for explorer's lost plane (BBC News)
  242. Crew goes to aid of Viking ship (BBC News)
  243. Fire damages port conveyor belt (BBC News)
  244. Scrapping of navy ship nears end (BBC News)
  245. Ferry rescues stranded windsurfer (BBC News)
  246. ISPS (THE International Ship and Port Security Code)
  247. Port officials in £1.7m drug haul (BBC News)
  248. QE2 registry & callsign changed
  249. Voyage confirms plastic pollution (BBC News)
  250. Rogue Waves and Theories Behind Them