News and Views from the Shipping World

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  1. New Manx vessel unveiled in China (BBC News)
  2. First ship docks at new harbour (BBC News)
  3. UAE 'seizes N Korea arms cargo' (BBC News)
  4. Bright Field accident in 1996
  5. Tanker splits in half near Suez Canal
  6. Mary Rose to go from public view (BBC News)
  7. Collision off Rotterdam Saturday 29 August
  8. 'MT Shirly Ann' grounded on reef off Leyte with 230k litres of fuel oil aboard
  9. Stowaway youngsters on board containership found, 2 dead & 2 saved
  10. Phosphate carrier 'Gulser Ana' wrecked & leaking off Madagascar
  11. Georgia jails Turkish ship's captain for 24 years for unauthorized port entry
  12. 800 tourists are stranded on ship (BBC News)
  13. Door falls off Condor Ferries vessel tween Jersey & St Malo
  14. Bulk carrier 'Chart 1' sinks off Phang Nga carrying load of teak, all crew safe
  15. Bulk carrier 'City' in collision with dredger 'Dredge 16' at Haldia
  16. Abkhazia threatens Georgian ships (BBC News)
  17. Ship makes first freight delivery (BBC News)
  18. Containership 'Forum Samoa II' aground off Apia, Samoa
  19. Supertankers being scrapped in record numbers
  20. Master named for new Queen Elizabeth cruise ship as Capt Chris Wells
  21. One very lucky passenger - falls off one cruise ship, rescued by another
  22. Cocaine floating in sea linked to that found aboard freighter 'St Ephraim' at Tema
  23. New 5m grain terminal for port (BBC News)
  24. Canadian coast guard to get 9 new ships
  25. Offshore - USA
  26. Trawler severely damaged in hit & run with unknown vessel off Porbandar
  27. Ships heroes recognised 130 years on (BBC News)
  28. Ark Royal back after 12m refit (BBC News)
  29. Small German Cruise Operators in trouble
  30. Macedonia boat sinking 'kills 19' (BBC News)
  31. Thousands see navy ships and subs (BBC News)
  32. Super ferry sinking
  33. Sailing ships collide at festival (BBC News)
  34. Search resumes on Victory wreck (BBC News)
  35. Titanic themed hotel for city (BBC News)
  36. Sixth visit for adopted warship (BBC News)
  37. Ill passenger airlifted from ship (BBC News)
  38. Manx ships 'must meet standards' (BBC News)
  39. Second ship hit by vomiting bug (BBC News)
  40. Philippine miracle survivor found (BBC News)
  41. Offshore wind faces floating challenges (BBC News)
  42. Arctic Sea Iran arms link denied (BBC News)
  43. Navy days likely to be repeated (BBC News)
  44. Arctic Sea Iran arms link denied (BBC News)
  45. Life at Sea (BBC News)
  46. Passenger blamed for cruise bug (BBC News)
  47. Hurricane rower 'to recover boat' (BBC News)
  48. 'Israel link' in Arctic Sea case (BBC News)
  49. Shipyard workers vote to strike (BBC News)
  50. German ships blaze Arctic trail (BBC News)
  51. Costa Rica seizes migrant ship (BBC News)
  52. Oil threat to Australia wildlife (BBC News)
  53. Officer takes ship race on board (BBC News)
  54. Vessel to give rare tour of town (BBC News)
  55. Canada institutes new rules for Pleasure craft.
  56. Minoan Lines
  57. 'Pirates' ship looted in Scotland (BBC News)
  58. New 7m ship for ferry crossing (BBC News)
  59. ferry hits rocks
  60. Penzance Dry Dock
  61. Father & son rescued after their rowing boat gets run over by a fishing boat
  62. Cervia
  63. Money worries for Nomadic project (BBC News)
  64. Lights go out on bridge and ship (BBC News)
  65. Mafia 'sank nuclear waste ship' (BBC News)
  66. Arrests after dock turbine demo (BBC News)
  67. Can China save the world? (BBC News)
  68. Australia stops 'asylum' vessel (BBC News)
  69. Historic shipyard sold to council (BBC News)
  70. Memorial to lost WWII submariners (BBC News)
  71. SS Noronic
  72. Nomadic "will be ready" for 2011 (BBC News)
  73. New Vessel Detained
  74. Mary Rose closure deadline looms (BBC News)
  75. Harrabin's notes: Shipping out (BBC News)
  76. HMS Ocean returns to Sunderland (BBC News)
  77. New Type of Propulsion?
  78. Ship graveyard gives up secrets (BBC News)
  79. Mary Rose prepares to rise again (BBC News)
  80. Man's body is recovered from sea (BBC News)
  81. Piracy 'spike' in South China Sea (BBC News)
  82. Ship reef plan 'still a reality' (BBC News)
  83. Man rescued from ship after fall (BBC News)
  84. Australia - Dust storm brings shipping to a halt in Sydney!
  85. 'Illegal' waste cargo is searched (BBC News)
  86. SS Nomadic adviser quits project (BBC News)
  87. Trawler collides with anchored tanker in Lyme Bay
  88. Oil spill threatens rare turtles (BBC News)
  89. Ark Royal back to sea after refit (BBC News)
  90. Spotter plane used in mine alert (BBC News)
  91. Canada to issue Arctic shipping alerts
  92. WW1 relic rescued from the deep (BBC News)
  93. Hamburg shippers calm amid downturn (BBC News)
  94. Crews rescued from grounded boats (BBC News)
  95. Navy seizes cocaine 'worth 240m' (BBC News)
  96. Ark Royal fire after 12m refit (BBC News)
  97. Seaking enroute to OOCL Montreal in Atlantic
  98. RAF helicopter in Atlantic rescue (BBC News)
  99. Shipping disaster stamp tribute (BBC News)
  100. War games over territory dispute (BBC News)
  101. Survivors mourn torpedo victims (BBC News)
  102. Is a ship on fire?
  103. Light Dues - another stealth tax on shipping!
  104. LD Lines announces fleet switch (BBC News)
  105. Duty Free, or not Duty Free .. that is the question!!
  106. Logbooks may yield climate bounty (BBC News)
  107. Maersk makes Danish Junior Officers Redundant
  108. Search off St Catherines
  109. Olympic cruise ship plan reviewed (BBC News)
  110. Nigeria weapons shipment seized (BBC News)
  111. Italy acquits migrant rescue crew (BBC News)
  112. Whalsay ferry accident
  113. Navy ship back from 18-month trip (BBC News)
  114. Coastguard tug boat breaks down (BBC News)
  115. Trafalgar Flag Sale
  116. Rosyth wins warship missile refit (BBC News)
  117. Anybody in Falmouth???
  118. A dark chapter of war remembered (BBC News)
  119. Unseen Mary Rose relics unveiled (BBC News)
  120. Councillor occupies historic ship (BBC News)
  121. US helicopter flies in aid boxes (BBC News)
  122. Princess to lay battleship wreath (BBC News)
  123. 'Twin towers' warship sets sail (BBC News)
  124. Arctic ice retreat 'accelerates' (BBC News)
  125. North Korea warns of naval clash (BBC News)
  126. The forecast is. changeable (BBC News)
  127. Castaway Scot's rescue remembered (BBC News)
  128. Striking staff block French port (BBC News)
  129. Disappointment over ship losses (BBC News)
  130. WWII evacuees' Scottish reunion (BBC News)
  131. Ivorian dumping report published (BBC News)
  132. Bad press for P&O Australia's Pacific Sun
  133. P&O Australia's "Pacific Pearl" to be based in Auckland
  134. R.C.M.P. Seize Vessel
  135. Mother and baby rescued from ship (BBC News)
  136. Inquiry Into Trident Sinking
  137. Town welcomes huge cruise liner (BBC News)
  138. Cutty Sark delayed by nine months (BBC News)
  139. Study backs Thames island airport (BBC News)
  140. Huge cruise liner visiting city (BBC News)
  141. Lifeboat aids bunk injury crewman (BBC News)
  142. Windfall expected from Tall Ships (BBC News)
  143. Warship to launch on River Clyde (BBC News)
  144. Trafalgar Union Flag
  145. Ferry trio hurt in rough weather (BBC News)
  146. Collision, nr Amsterdam
  147. Sub's wartime grave discovered (BBC News)
  148. Japan debut for mobile fuel cell (BBC News)
  149. Crucial Indian defence deals delayed (BBC News)
  150. Tenders to demolish historic ship (BBC News)
  151. WWII naval mine found near port (BBC News)
  152. 1933 Queen Mary to leave London - 9th Nov
  153. Service for last Titanic survivor (BBC News)
  154. Transport schemes win 30m boost (BBC News)
  155. Lifeboat anniversaries remembered (BBC News)
  156. Inquiry into 'too close' vessels (BBC News)
  157. Fitting venue for Trafalgar Day (BBC News)
  158. lone sailor in trouble.
  159. Royal Navy Surrenders one new Carrier in Budget Battle
  160. Another Titanic Expedition planned 2010
  161. Collapsed ship crewman airlifted (BBC News)
  162. Pirate flag sunk after complaint (BBC News)
  163. Ships collide off southern Japan (BBC News)
  164. Yemenis intercept 'Iranian ship' (BBC News)
  165. Pilotage by remote control
  166. Millions of illegal cigs captured
  167. TV Programme.
  168. Indonesia 'might expel' refugees (BBC News)
  169. Amphibious car motoring towards history (BBC News)
  170. Anyone in Abu Dhabi
  171. 'Mystery ship' returns to Malta (BBC News)
  172. Customs seize large tobacco haul (BBC News)
  173. Lusitania war memorial restored (BBC News)
  174. SS Rhexenor
  175. Dutch girl's solo voyage banned
  176. MP calls for cruise ports inquiry (BBC News)
  177. Timor Sea Rig Fire
  178. Boat capsizes off Cocos Islands (BBC News)
  179. Huge cruise ship stops in Solent (BBC News)
  180. Gig racing revivalist Bird dies (BBC News)
  181. Cardy to step down from MCA
  182. Dispute closes busy Somali port (BBC News)
  183. Israeli troops 'seize arms ship' (BBC News)
  184. Salvagers want to raise Victory (BBC News)
  185. Ship refit brings dock 300 jobs (BBC News)
  186. Baby born on coast guard lifeboat named after vessel
  187. Why punish the poor Bangladesh ship recyclers
  188. 'Capture cruise market', say MPs (BBC News)
  189. Fisherman dies after Channel fall (BBC News)
  190. Surely not ???
  191. Shipyard wins 55m navy contract (BBC News)
  192. Korean naval ships 'clash at sea' (BBC News)
  193. 'Toxic' US ship banned in India (BBC News)
  194. Photos 'show Iran arms-ship link' (BBC News)
  195. Shetland secures Tall Ships cash (BBC News)
  196. Taxpayers 'may foot Nomadic bill' (BBC News)
  197. Ship repair firm fined over death (BBC News)
  198. Tamil asylum seekers leave ship (BBC News)
  199. Rescue boat runs aground on rocks (BBC News)
  200. Severe winds cause island chaos (BBC News)
  201. Winds force ship to abandon stay (BBC News)
  202. Afghan migrants held in Indonesia (BBC News)
  203. Britons stranded in Antarctic ice (BBC News)
  204. Spectacular Or What ?
  205. Historic ship is to be animated (BBC News)
  206. 'Complacency' led to US sub crash (BBC News)
  207. Norman Voyager
  208. Cruise ship pair in drugs arrest (BBC News)
  209. Star Cruises Ltd changes its name
  210. Ferry tips over off Indonesia (BBC News)
  211. Gas tanker in trouble off Lizard (BBC News)
  212. Tall ship shelters off Kent coast (BBC News)
  213. 'One killed' in Benin pirate raid (BBC News)
  214. Netherlands lead way in sea-rise battle (BBC News)
  215. City ferry port to be demolished (BBC News)
  216. Ferry passengers leap into sea (BBC News)
  217. Hospital Ship Centaur(ex B/F)
  218. 'Icebergs heading to New Zealand' (BBC News)
  219. Lake Atlin
  220. Centenarian's 'bear necessities' (BBC News)
  221. Trawlermen given Cod War payouts (BBC News)
  222. Ship detained after onboard flood (BBC News)
  223. Close-Up: The Shipping Forecast (BBC News)
  224. Ferry sinks in south Bangladesh (BBC News)
  225. Warship sails home from the Clyde (BBC News)
  226. Congo boat sinking leaves 73 dead (BBC News)
  227. Bangladesh ferry rescue attacked (BBC News)
  228. Eric's 30-year coastguard watch (BBC News)
  229. Cruise ship simulator is unveiled (BBC News)
  230. Ghana frees hijacked Nigeria ship (BBC News)
  231. Jutland Veteran to stay in Belfast
  232. Where not to go in a boat (BBC News)
  233. New warship arrives in home port (BBC News)
  234. Fisherman Missing
  235. Green shipping firm to meet Brown (BBC News)
  236. Ceremonies mark Manx ship tragedy (BBC News)
  237. Welcome return for HMS Cumberland (BBC News)
  238. The French dream of a replacement France
  239. Nile River Ferries Collide
  240. Ship registry launches new site (BBC News)
  241. Lifeboat tragedy crew remembered (BBC News)
  242. Humber coal exploration approved (BBC News)
  243. Tonga captain: ferry unseaworthy (BBC News)
  244. Warship home after pirate patrols (BBC News)
  245. 450 jobs hope with port town plan (BBC News)
  246. Mary Rose home demolition starts (BBC News)
  247. Discharge of Oil
  248. Senate urges Canadian Govt to arm Ice Breakers.
  249. Ships tracked with smart software (BBC News)
  250. The Ben My Chree (Engine failure)