News and Views from the Shipping World

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  1. Ship goes down off Lebanese coast (BBC News)
  2. DFDS take over Norfolk Line
  3. Cruise ship passengers fall ill (BBC News)
  4. City plan for more cruise liners (BBC News)
  5. Crude tanker Mont (ex Knock Nevis) about to become largest ship ever broken at Alang
  6. Hospital Ship Centaur
  7. Town to lose cross-Channel ferry (BBC News)
  8. Nile cruise ships
  9. Party revellers rescued from ship (BBC News)
  10. Canadian SIU Appoints new President
  11. Cruise ship passengers ill again (BBC News)
  12. Boat with £375m of cocaine seized (BBC News)
  13. Philippine vessels collide at sea (BBC News)
  14. 'Too close' ferry captain warned (BBC News)
  15. "aegean Wind"
  16. Captain leads crew in celebration (BBC News)
  17. New ferry tragedy in Philippines (BBC News)
  18. "ADOPT A SHIP" Programme for Schools in Britain
  19. Search for missing Russian sailor (BBC News)
  20. Knut Haugland
  21. Fire service train to board ships (BBC News)
  22. List Of Shipping Companies
  23. Ship protester hails breakthrough (BBC News)
  24. Praise for 'toxic' ship scrapping (BBC News)
  25. Virus hits cruise ship passengers (BBC News)
  26. Ady Gil and Nisshin Maru… a saga of claim and counter claim (merged threads)
  27. Ship clue to death of fisherman (BBC News)
  28. Thames airport 'completely wrong' (BBC News)
  29. Facebook-group...
  30. Tanker reports rupture off NY,
  31. Hazardous materials lost from vessel off south coast
  32. End of era nears for once-great fishing port (BBC News)
  33. Pentalina B towed In
  34. Aircraft carrier contracts named (BBC News)
  35. Sailors in dramatic Java rescue (BBC News)
  36. Miramar
  37. Firm wins £8m Royal Navy contract (BBC News)
  38. Port au Prince
  39. Icy weather aids dredging success (BBC News)
  40. Radial Davits
  41. P&O to pull out of Portsmouth - Bilbao route (Merged Threads)
  42. Tall ships race reaches milestone (BBC News)
  43. Storm-hit ship towed to Falmouth (BBC News)
  44. Historic lighthouse 'may close' (BBC News)
  45. Manx ship registry grows by 10% (BBC News)
  46. From Sellafield to Japan via Barrow
  47. P&O Heritage
  48. Russian Reefer Ship In Trouble
  49. Gairsoppa (ex War Roebuck) Sinking 1941
  50. Tanker Collision in the Texas Waterway
  51. Trawler in collision with cargo ship
  52. Oil Mast light....
  53. D-Day and Dunkirk motorboats to be preserved at Portsmouth
  54. royal iris - grim news
  55. Canada threatens to close ports to Danish/Faeroes fishing vessels
  56. Ferry prepares for Irish Sea link (BBC News)
  57. Pirates release Greek cargo ship (BBC News)
  58. Warship arrives in Fife for refit (BBC News)
  59. Final sailing for Channel ferry (BBC News)
  60. Ship's captain flown to hospital (BBC News)
  61. French rock used for flood repair (BBC News)
  62. 'Ghost ship' firm gets costs back (BBC News)
  63. Ship bound for Haiti leaves port (BBC News)
  64. Crew of ship say farewell to city (BBC News)
  65. Navy ship commitment pleases firm (BBC News)
  66. Crews tackle fire on 'ghost ship' (BBC News)
  67. Youngest World War II service casualty identified - BBC
  68. Artist's month at threatened pole (BBC News)
  69. South West forces 'vital' to UK (BBC News)
  70. Negligence blamed for boat death (BBC News)
  71. France and Russia in warship deal (BBC News)
  72. Port boosted by ferry agreement (BBC News)
  73. Fantastic restoration jobs
  74. Qe2
  75. Mary Rose crew's face recreated (BBC News)
  76. HMS Victory returns to Trafalgar (BBC News)
  77. MV Doulos, SS Independence
  78. MEP hails Greenpeace ship attack (BBC News)
  79. Appeal for sunken liner memories (BBC News)
  80. Seabed camera shows cruise photos (BBC News)
  81. Owners of QM2 seabed camera found (BBC News)
  82. Japan anger over whaling 'attack' (BBC News)
  83. Who is Glenn Defense
  84. Court hearing to stop port strike (BBC News)
  85. Breeches bouy rescue - film
  86. Union offers to halt port strike (BBC News)
  87. Campaign to save WWII paddle boat (BBC News)
  88. Japan to question whale activist (BBC News)
  89. Argentina in Falkland permit move (BBC News)
  90. Judge to decide on port strike (BBC News)
  91. Port workers plan new strike day (BBC News)
  92. Warship helps rescue sick sailor (BBC News)
  93. Captain cleared of Thames death (BBC News)
  94. Two new ships ordered for Princess Cruises
  95. Ship docks in Haiti with supplies (BBC News)
  96. Brazil sea rescue for Canadians (BBC News)
  97. Body found 'was missing person' (BBC News)
  98. Strike action at port suspended (BBC News)
  99. Mv Angelm sinks
  100. Ark Royal returns to 'home' port (BBC News)
  101. Crewman jailed over man's death (BBC News)
  102. Ocean robot 'plans experiments' (BBC News)
  103. Axed ferry service threatens jobs (BBC News)
  104. 'The Love Boat' sails to Australia
  105. Carrier work starts in Portsmouth (BBC News)
  106. New Cruise Ship has its own brewery on board
  107. S Africa seizes 'N Korea weapons' (BBC News)
  108. Cruise ship crashes 3 people Injured
  109. Egypt cruise ship crash: Your story (BBC News)
  110. Static Stability
  111. Two more small cruise ships scrapped
  112. SS Edinburgh
  113. Titanic vs Lusitania sinking, social norms or !!!
  114. Steam Packet ferry set for revamp (BBC News)
  115. Earthquake in Chile
  116. Manx ship registry charges fees (BBC News)
  117. Two killed as huge waves hit ship (BBC News)
  118. US Navy Sub accidentally sinks a tug boat at Midway Island.
  119. Vessels stuck in Baltic Sea ice (BBC News)
  120. NCL Accepting "ALL" Bids for SS United States - Is Scrapping Next?
  121. Singapore alert over oil tankers (BBC News)
  122. Tall Ships' Race total reaches 60 (BBC News)
  123. Ferry captain runs with rescuers (BBC News)
  124. Russian reefer Petrozavodsk breaking up
  125. Mv Doulos (Franca C)
  126. Ship sales andd scrappings.
  127. The Queen of the North sinking - latest news
  128. Maersk Kendal - grounding report
  129. Car carrier Medea and Japnese trawler collide
  130. Coastguard tug helps cargo ship (BBC News)
  131. Navy ship moored for boat show (BBC News)
  132. Accident caused 'ghost ship' fire (BBC News)
  133. HMS Endurance flood a 'near loss' (BBC News)
  134. Company lands shipwreck treasure (BBC News)
  135. HMS Ramsey granted civic honour (BBC News)
  136. Helicopter rescues injured seaman (BBC News)
  137. Cross-channel ferry service boost (BBC News)
  138. Theodore Jr - Crew saved from bulker fire
  139. SS The Emerald "Santa Rosa, Regent Rainbow" SPARED
  140. Rescue operation
  141. Royal Navy engineer saves comrade (BBC News)
  142. Freight service returns to Dover (BBC News)
  143. Clyde yard wins £127m frigates design contract
  144. Deep sea docks terminal approved (BBC News)
  145. Seaway and Welland Canal opening
  146. Mary Rose dog skeleton at museum (BBC News)
  147. South Korean navy ship 'sinking' (BBC News)
  148. Eight rescued from ferry gangway (BBC News)
  149. Simulator view
  150. Ex-navy ship to become car ferry (BBC News)
  151. SS Independence To be or Not to be
  152. Containership on fire
  153. Norwegian shipowner Johan Jorgen Ugland dies
  154. Falklands oil search disappoints (BBC News)
  155. Town's flood defences are tested (BBC News)
  156. Ship runs out of fuel off coast (BBC News)
  157. Scallop fishing 'threatens crabs' (BBC News)
  158. Carrier section bows out at yard (BBC News)
  159. Japan charges NZ whaling activist (BBC News)
  160. Norovirus outbreak ship back home (BBC News)
  161. French Trade Union Humour
  162. Serious accident when shifting ship
  163. Shen Neng 1 aground on the Great Barrier Reef.
  164. Sunday shop ban eased for liners (BBC News)
  165. Two seafarers are missing after a fire on a gas Tanker
  166. Wick Coastguard volunteer suspended for Swearing during search for Missing Man
  167. Man's DIY store Caribbean rescue (BBC News)
  168. Lifeboats escort ferry into port (BBC News)
  169. HMS Ark Royal heads for Atlantic (BBC News)
  170. Holmes to name new channel ferry (BBC News)
  171. Last orders. the final first class Titanic menu (BBC News)
  172. Manxman.
  173. Sark may bring in ship licences (BBC News)
  174. Jersey boats may fly own ensign (BBC News)
  175. Queen Elizabeth
  176. Warship home after gulf patrols (BBC News)
  177. Auckland drowning
  178. Dance star names new cruise liner (BBC News)
  179. Crew place offer aboard Tall Ship (BBC News)
  180. Liverpool- North Docks
  181. Delays due to ferry engine crack (BBC News)
  182. Bangladesh ship-break law outcry (BBC News)
  183. Japan annual whale catch 'halved' (BBC News)
  184. Rescue helicopter lifts fisherman (BBC News)
  185. CMT orders 2 Capes at $129m
  186. Sark to introduce ship licences (BBC News)
  187. A dining room of Olympic proportions (BBC News)
  188. Aging ship faces navy retirement (BBC News)
  189. Chance to go on board HMS Daring (BBC News)
  190. ABP slammed over Humber ports monopoly
  191. Ferries In Demand As Planes Grounded
  192. Uss Edwin D Patrick final destination
  193. Suspected stroke victim airlifted (BBC News)
  194. North Sea crossing 'fast-tracked' (BBC News)
  195. The way companies and governments do business with China
  196. UK planning flight chaos response (BBC News)
  197. Australia plans tough reef laws (BBC News)
  198. Troops brought back by navy ship (BBC News)
  199. Ferry passenger problems at port (BBC News)
  200. Devonport ships to get travellers (BBC News)
  201. Extra ferry capacity is approved (BBC News)
  202. Warship arrives to rescue troops (BBC News)
  203. Crew begin Bligh's Pacific voyage (BBC News)
  204. Tourists rescued by cruise ship (BBC News)
  205. In pictures: Journey of ancient Arab trading ship (BBC News)
  206. Merchant navy tribute appeal made (BBC News)
  207. Tall ship rescues stranded group (BBC News)
  208. Stranded Britons home on warship (BBC News)
  209. Rescue cruise ship docks in Spain (BBC News)
  210. US oil rig blaze survivors land (BBC News)
  211. Virus outbreak cuts cruise short (BBC News)
  212. Cruise ships returning thousands (BBC News)
  213. Artist depicts Manx ship tragedy (BBC News)
  214. Anchors/Hawse Pipes
  215. Cruise ship tourists coming home (BBC News)
  216. Rescue cruise liner to be named (BBC News)
  217. Pictures of doomed GOM drill rig" Horizon"
  218. Ceremony marks HMS Ramsey honour (BBC News)
  219. Shipyard deal safeguards 100 jobs (BBC News)
  220. Bug-hit cruise liner back in dock (BBC News)
  221. In pictures: The Black Sea Fleet (BBC News)
  222. HMS Dauntless to make city visit (BBC News)
  223. some navigator eh!
  224. Call for public control of yard (BBC News)
  225. Nena M 2007 accident (video reconstruction)
  226. Seoul's dilemma over sunken warship (BBC News)
  227. Virtual museum for medieval ship (BBC News)
  228. Diver dies after rescue at wreck (BBC News)
  229. Japan to arrest whaling activist (BBC News)
  230. US Navy asked to share sub detail (BBC News)
  231. BP Told To Pay For Oil Spill
  232. Boy dies after falling from ship (BBC News)
  233. 2 Crew Killed on TPC Wellington at Whangerei
  234. Tipping for your cruise
  235. Sea cadet in ship fall named (BBC News)
  236. Sea cadet in ship fall named (BBC News)
  237. Indonesia auctions ship treasure (BBC News)
  238. Huge cruise ship docks at Cardiff (BBC News)
  239. Sea cadet suffered chest injuries (BBC News)
  240. BP box sent to seal Gulf oil leak (BBC News)
  241. Man jailed in mystery ship case (BBC News)
  242. Car Ferry Returns After Row
  243. Funnel 'poised over' US oil spill (BBC News)
  244. Oil spill crew describes accident (BBC News)
  245. Cathedral prayers for sea cadet (BBC News)
  246. Iceberg crash family are rescued (BBC News)
  247. Parking pre-booked for Tall Ships (BBC News)
  248. Search for missing man continues (BBC News)
  249. Flying over US oil spill clean-up zone (BBC News)
  250. Stena Hollandica