News and Views from the Shipping World

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  1. Parking pre-booked for Tall Ships (BBC News)
  2. Search for missing man continues (BBC News)
  3. Flying over US oil spill clean-up zone (BBC News)
  4. Stena Hollandica
  5. MOL Bulker Bright Century Collides and Sinks off Shangdong Peninsula, China
  6. Cruise ship impounded for hours (BBC News)
  7. Brave Royal Navy diver honoured (BBC News)
  8. 'Freed pirates probably perished' (BBC News)
  9. Year round ferry sailings planned (BBC News)
  10. Faina Dry Cargo Seaman Rescued From Pirate Captivity Hangs Himself In Odesa
  11. Cargo ship rescue effort launched (BBC News)
  12. Oil emerging from old wreck
  13. First trip for ex-navy ship ferry (BBC News)
  14. Drifting ship towed into harbour (BBC News)
  15. oil spill off Louisiana
  16. Israel training to block freedom fleet
  17. Cruise ship finds damaged & empty yacht off California, USCG investigating
  18. Portland Port News
  19. BP tube siphons oil leak to ship (BBC News)
  20. Warship destroys Gulf pirate ship (BBC News)
  21. Salvagers 'threat' to HMS Victory (BBC News)
  22. Usns General John Pope
  23. Rescue at Sea - Refugees/ Migrants
  24. Ship Captain's Medical Guide to be revised
  25. Singapore battles 2,500 tonnes oil slick after ship collision 25/05/2010
  26. Sealand Performance begins her last voyage from Loch Striven
  27. Oasis of the Seas
  28. Swan-Hunter,the last hurrah
  29. Northern Ireland Sail Training Vessel sunk
  30. broken indy
  31. Today is Falklands Liberation Day
  32. Search for man who jumped from ship in portsmouth
  33. ship fire english channel
  34. Crew member crushed and strangled
  35. Major fire tackled on cargo ship in Lochaber
  36. Goodbye APACHE, welcome APACHE II
  37. Shipping index drops 50%
  38. Maersk boxship on fire
  39. SS United States
  40. The Dunera Boys - 70 years on after notorious voyage
  41. 'Anja' and the Argentinians
  42. maritime incidents
  43. Landfall
  44. Dredge it or loose it
  45. R.N.A.S. Culdrose
  46. Were you, like me, "carbonadoed" in the tropic seas?
  47. St.Tudwall
  48. A shocking incident involving female cadets
  49. Namibia's first female trawler captain (BBC News)
  50. North Star order 4 more vessels
  51. MSC Chitra
  52. Antarctic fuel ban.
  53. Vigilant fails to leave Faversham
  54. Faroese fishing vessel forced from Peterhead
  55. Matt Lethbridge
  56. Canada steamship makes bulk order for new ships in china.
  57. A new environmentally friendly and effective antifouling paint
  58. UK Maritime Industry Feels Impact of Immigration Cap
  59. Tanker Aground in NW Passage
  60. Trawler "The Laforey" found
  61. Titanic Video
  62. hms stalker.
  63. Fishing vessel fire off Shetland.
  64. Are you looking after black/white negatives?
  65. Fatigue at Sea
  66. Seabourn alerts seafarers of hiring scam
  67. Certificate of competency cancelled.
  68. Shipping company expands fleet
  69. Nedlloyd Juliana and a Blue Star house flag
  70. Cape Horn Memorial
  71. Rosyth-Zeebrugge ferry
  72. Save Studland Bay Anchorage
  73. HMS Snaefell
  74. canadian govt repeals tax on foreign built ships.
  75. Operation Torch 1942
  76. Tanker sinking in English Channel
  77. Burning Baltic ferry
  78. Equasis
  79. Pirates stike again
  80. Tanker in collision off Dutch Coast
  81. HMS Duncan launches in Glasgow
  82. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet..."
  83. HMS BRISTOL off for refit
  84. UK Coastguard Emergency Towing Vessels Withdrawn
  85. Cargo ship 'hits passenger ferry' near Amsterdam
  86. HMS Astute aground off Skye?
  87. Faroese Stern Trawler Athena on Fire
  88. Polish Tall Ship In Trouble off The Scillies
  89. First Marine Plan Area North Sea
  90. A Product tanker carrying.....
  91. Hastings Pier
  92. Cruise Ship Fire
  93. cowes chain ferry, cargo vessel snaps chain
  94. Serious incident in the Hook of Holland
  95. British Pair Freed From Pirates
  96. Ship arrested in Birkenhead
  97. Fire on DFDS Ferry
  98. Northlink Ferry Damaged in Harbour
  99. Ship of the future.?
  100. Norovirus Again
  101. USS Olympia to be scrapped?
  102. Maersk set to order 18,000teu containerships
  103. Let go the stern anchor!!
  104. Stena buys two routes & closes another
  105. m.v. Golden Seas - Under tow
  106. Heavy Rain Closes Canal
  107. American Cruise Ship Suffers Engine Loss
  108. British Merchant Navy now below 300 ships
  109. HM Coastguard closures announced
  110. Which ship has sunk off Israel
  111. Fishing vessel sinks in Antarctic waters
  112. The last carrier to be scrapped
  113. A question...
  114. Perhaps Mr Cameron could lead from Sarkosy?
  115. Yet another Cruise ship in a storm
  116. Ship on fire English Channel
  117. Piracy stuff...
  118. Pirates Foiled
  119. "The Little Tug That Could"
  120. British cruise ship pursued by pirates
  121. Yet another accident involving a ship's lifeboat
  122. Pirates Seize Danish Ship's Crew
  123. Melita and Makaria
  124. Engineroom Mishap
  125. HM Coastguard
  126. M.V. ROCKNES -the final verdict
  127. hms ark royal portsmouth public farewell.
  128. Jahre Viking
  129. Shipping House Flags
  130. S.S. U.S. Safe from Alang, for now
  131. Helocopter Rescue 14 Crew
  132. The Life of a Modern Sailor
  133. Are things looking up?
  134. Mumbai collision
  135. FPSO Gryphon Alpha in trouble
  136. Baksheesh
  137. MOD Investigation
  138. Another Lifeboat launching accident?
  139. Boxford / Admiral Blake collision off South Devon
  140. Japanese Whaling Suspended
  141. Iranian Warships to Transit Suez Canal
  142. Pirates Seize American Yacht
  143. "Aquila" Rescue Helicopter Delayed
  144. Spanish Maritime Agency
  145. Britain's Largest Crane
  146. Save our Seafarers - Your Help is needed
  147. french fisherman saved
  148. "Cosco Hong Kong" reported in collision with fishing vessel "Zhe Ling Yu Yun 135"
  149. Tug Kingston Lacy Mersey Tug
  150. OLIVA hits Nightingale Island
  151. Scottish Viking / Homeland Accident Report
  152. Condor Vitesse hits fishing boat
  153. Crew Member Missing
  154. Emiriates Ship Freed From Pirates
  155. China Rejects Radiation Contaminated Container Vessel
  156. Bibby Topaz
  157. HMS Astute shooting.
  158. Flotel Jupiter
  159. kiel-canal-collision yesterday (14th) in Fog
  160. Tragedy on the Ocean Countess
  161. poem
  162. Ship or Boat ?
  163. Things that go BUMP in the night.
  164. Great Lakes - SS Col James M Schoonmaker
  165. End For Uk Fleet?
  166. NATO warship hit by Libyans?
  167. wrong ship
  168. Wreck of GREENAWN located.
  169. Beryl BF 411 sinks of Shetland
  170. Ship Master dies after being released by Pirates
  171. Vessels Owners/Contacts needed
  172. Live Cattle Trade Halted
  173. Carnival orders new cruiseship for P&O
  174. ark royal may be sunk as a reef
  175. Seafarer Day
  176. News reporting Royal Marines off Yemen
  177. Cruise Passengers suffer 7 hour immigration check
  178. New plans for container port
  179. Wind Turbines
  180. Japanese export ship orders up 9.4pc after 17 months of slowing growth
  181. M.V. Llandaff ? Union-Castle Line
  182. Seafarers Awareness Week
  183. China/HK to Australia rate to rise US$250/TEU-$500/FEU from July 15
  184. GPS alarm raised by BMW on board the....
  185. Explosion at Falmouth
  186. Gaschem Antarctic -
  187. This is frightening
  188. The Bribery Act 2011
  189. New SOLAS ammendments for lifeboat release mechanisms
  190. Transpacific rates rise after two months of weekly declines
  191. Daewoo plans ship repair yard in SA
  192. European Maritime Safety Agency
  193. First Recorded Swim Across Pentland Firth
  194. Jiujiang launches a river-sea shipping to boost local exports to Korea
  195. S. Korea overtakes China as world's top shipbuilder in H1
  196. IAG Yachts' new VP
  197. Ship aground off Cornish coast
  198. Woolwich Ferry crew member in ‘Propeller Death’
  199. Stability Problem
  200. Tanker collides with yacht in the Solent
  201. Woman On Top
  202. Norwegians Rescued
  203. Ship collision
  204. Ice Class Passenger Ferries
  205. 'Hauntings' and the 'unexplained'on ships
  206. North Sea Oil Spill
  207. Ship aground in Harbour entrance
  208. Stranded sheep in Oz
  209. Marine Traffic Web Site
  210. Stuck in a toilet!
  211. Captain stuck on the loo - ship runs aground
  212. NORHOLM adrift
  213. N. Sea rescue
  214. queen elizabeth
  215. B.w.Nysa
  216. NORDLYS - fire at Alesund
  217. Coastguard tugs (etv's)
  218. Windsor Castle, Falmouth
  219. Cunard May Re-register Abroad
  220. Pirates Adopt a New Tactic:
  221. Lost passengers
  222. MSC charter vessel RENA runs aground in Tauranga
  223. The port of Thorshofn
  224. RMS St Helena - final ex-UK voyage
  225. MN Memorial
  226. UK & US forces rescue pirate-held Italian ship.
  227. India's Biggest Conference and Work Shop On Admiralty and Shipping Law in Mumbai
  228. Canadian Government Awards Ship Building Contracts
  229. m/v Island Trader
  230. DSV sinks with Divers in Sat. off Iran
  231. Tilbury lay ups
  232. Maiden voyage interupted
  233. Sir Francis Drake
  234. Ship Incident at Tauranga
  235. Mackerel Dispute
  236. Used Submarines
  237. RNLI - Phishing Scam
  238. Ships Emissions
  239. Hybrid ferries for CalMac - merged thread
  240. Another Red Sea ferry casualty
  241. SS Wiltshire wreck
  242. The British Merchant Navy
  243. Parlez vous Navy lingo
  244. MV Derbyshire
  245. Shipping Slump Looming
  246. Ballast Water Leak at Hound Point Major incident?
  247. Are you scared of fog?
  248. The CG
  249. Stranraer ferry association ends
  250. For Sale: Sunken ship Stella Polaris