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  1. UK South Coast (Selsey) sea defences
  2. Zim Monaco To The Rescue
  3. Tankers Rates too low says Front
  4. Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo (?-1543) flagship San Salvador
  5. Ferry hits link span
  6. sinking ship - Swanland
  7. ferry runs aground
  8. Accident on HMS.Belfast in London video
  9. Oil Sludge Disposal [Bachelor Thesis]
  10. Commander D J B Jewitt DSC RN
  11. Ships Collide In Bay Of Biscay
  12. A threat from Brazil?
  13. Fishing Vessel Holed & Ice Bound
  14. TK Bremen
  15. Another ship in trouble
  16. Oil Rig Capsized
  17. ship sinks
  18. paddlers
  19. Chittagong Ship Breakers -Video
  20. Brilliant or Bad Seamanship ?
  21. QM2 drifts after explosion
  22. Sea Shepherd In Strife
  23. Atomic sub on fire in Murmansk
  24. Date Line Move
  25. Federal Miramichi given deadline by French authorities
  26. Campaign against cruise ship fumes
  27. Straits of Hormuz:
  28. Royal Yacht Leaking & Listing
  29. MV "Tycoon" ashore at Christmas island.
  30. Whaling News
  31. SeaFrance Goes Into Liquidation
  32. hms ark royal to be hospital ship?
  33. Ferry aground
  34. Cruise ship 'Costa Concordia' aground.
  35. Collision in Gibraltar Straits
  36. Russian Tanker supplies fuel to Alaska
  37. Advise me wise ones.....
  38. Rig & Jack-up Explosion off Escravos
  39. Concordia disaster: Should a captain go down with his ship?
  40. Aztec Maiden aground in the Netherlands
  41. World Record For Laura
  42. U.S.S. Pueblo Anniversary
  43. Confused dot dash
  44. Delta Mariner
  45. Ship / Bridge collision
  46. Rabaul Queen sinks off PNG
  47. A great read for people with an interest in the Merchant Navy
  48. Man Overboard from "Allure of the Seas"
  49. Argentina?
  50. New Ships
  51. QM2 World Cruise problems
  52. Looks like piracy spreading.
  53. Slow Cargo Movement
  54. International Freight Ports Website
  55. Webcams
  56. Arran Ferry
  57. Professor John Houlder
  58. Italian crew questioned after shots fired
  59. Metal thefts
  60. Deadly Nickel Cargoes
  61. South Korean yard selected to build new RFA tankers
  62. GPS Jamming ?
  63. TSS Earnslaw
  64. Concordia
  65. Flume Tanks in tankers
  66. Price of bullion leads to sea-bed treasure hunt.
  67. New Rank Onboard Merchant Navy Vessels?
  68. Internet down graded by ship dropping anchor on the cable
  69. Costa Allegra passenger ship on fire
  70. Argentina turns away UK owned/operated cruise ships
  71. British Ships, British Crews
  72. Shipping Pool Rotternam
  73. Two seamen dead after a rescue bid on a pirate mother ship
  74. Pirates again at Port Harcourt.
  75. NZ Stranding Trial
  76. Modern cruise liner design
  77. Stena Feronia collision - merged threads
  78. Britannia waives the rules
  79. Deep dive
  80. TAIC Rena Report
  81. Ship Aground - Crew Safe
  82. Ports of Auckland Dispute
  83. Maritime artefact event that may be of interest
  84. EMSA re-audits the Philippines..
  85. Stolt tanker hit by explosion in Persian Gulf
  86. NZ Fishing Boat Capsized
  87. Container Ship Aground
  88. Cruise on Gadaffi ship?
  89. Cargo ship aground hours after rescue tug withdrawn
  90. Yeoman Bulk Carrier
  91. Tsunami trawler found
  92. Channel Collision
  93. Collision off Halong Bay
  94. Todays news from the Channel -Ferrywise.
  95. Former Exxon Valdez - date with the gas torch.
  96. Azamar Quest drifting after fire
  97. MS Carnival Triumph Arrested in Texas
  98. ramona vs bridge
  99. Disasters at Sea:Why Ships Sink.
  100. CARRIER aground at Llanddulas
  101. Another Emirates ship-repair accident
  102. "Xiang Hua Men" pirated off Iran
  103. Cruise Boat Stuck On Thames
  104. Swimmer Disrupts Race
  105. Over capacity of shipping
  106. Another fishing boat collision
  107. I would like to see that !
  108. Mrsk McKinney Mller
  109. Latest news - Sea France
  110. Allegation - Fail to give Aid
  111. Cruise Ship Sails Past
  112. Help on Computing for Ship Chartering. Im novice on this.
  113. Salvage Costa Concordia
  114. Rdt
  115. Titanic rebuild
  116. Crude oil tanker FR8 Pride collided with jackup oil rig Rowan EXL-1, Gulf of Mexico [
  117. Fire on board of bulk carrier Algoma Discovery, Great Lakes [ODIN]
  118. Ukraine sentenced two seamen to 9 years imprisonment on a false Venezuela drug charge
  119. Freighter Stenland arrested in Piraeus with contraband cigarettes [ODIN]
  120. Russian reefer Simfoniya disabled and adrift deep in the Pacific [ODIN]
  121. Freighter Moskva holed in Dafeng port, China, after collision with underwater object
  122. Tanker BW Rhine is still held by pirates [ODIN]
  123. Ferries collision in Luebeck, Germany [ODIN]
  124. Ferry Urd refloated after hole was patched [ODIN]
  125. Tanker BW Rhine released after pirates stole part of the cargo [ODIN]
  126. Paris MOU Performance List not reliable [ODIN]
  127. Freighter Kay L disabled in Dardanelles [ODIN]
  128. Serco
  129. Fire in container with chemicals, boxship Cap Norte [ODIN]
  130. Boxship MSC Brianna left Jamaica after putting bail [ODIN]
  131. Car carrier Hoegh Asia ran aground entering Livorno port [ODIN]
  132. Tanker Navig8 Loucas rescued 11 crew from sank f/v Loamar Segundo, Atlantic [ODIN]
  133. Boxship Margareta B damaged North Gate of the Lock in Brunsbuettel [ODIN]
  134. Vessel hijacked in Fujairah road [ODIN]
  135. Freighter Cape Saint Georges aground, Senegal [ODIN]
  136. Ferry Grand Star roro 3 ran aground, Philippines [ODIN]
  137. Disabled freighter Zealand Beatrix towed to Ponta Delgada [ODIN]
  138. A Call to Arms [ODIN]
  139. A Call to Arms [ODIN]
  140. Bulk carrier Panos Earth in big trouble [ODIN]
  141. Freighter Nordic Chantal allided with Lock’s gate, Brunsbuettel [ODIN]
  142. Tanker Savvy attacked by pirates near Singapore [ODIN]
  143. General cargo vessel CFL Penhar detained for pollution, Greece [ODIN]
  144. Fire in engine room of tanker Santa Ana, Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven [ODIN]
  145. Reckless behaviour in Kiel Canal [ODIN]
  146. Disasters 2012 update [ODIN]
  147. Good News for Lairds
  148. Suezmax tanker Smyrni hijacked by Somali pirates [ODIN]
  149. Helicopter ditched in the North sea en route to oil rigs [ODIN]
  150. Freighter Cathma experienced engine trouble in Gulf of Bothnia [ODIN]
  151. Japanese freighter Sanko Mineral arrested in Baltimore for debts [ODIN]
  152. Aframax tanker Yare ran aground [ODIN]
  153. Japanese fishing vessel Eihatsu Maru aground in Table Bay, SAR [ODIN]
  154. Boxship MSC Idil suffered explosion and water ingress, Caribbean [ODIN]
  155. Cargo vessel Rio Turbio after collision with tug Ava Payagua, Parana [ODIN]
  156. Statistics of pirated and released vessels and crews 2010 – 2012, May 13 2012 [ODI
  157. Paul Watson Arrested
  158. Boxship California Senator closed DP World warves in Sydney with leaking chem contain
  159. Cement carrier Malta Cement hard aground, Sweden [ODIN]
  160. Castaway sues Princess Cruises
  161. Taiwanese passenger vessel Golden Dragon sinking in China [ODIN]
  162. Tug Budget 19 robbed at Singapore Road [ODIN]
  163. Pirate Base Attacked by EU Forces
  164. Fire on board of passenger cargo vessel Harsha Vardhana [ODIN]
  165. General cargo vessel Parnassos II ran aground, Greece [ODIN]
  166. Killing flies by machine gun fire. Frigates fighting dinghies. [ODIN]
  167. Wreck of WINDWARD HO found
  168. May 16, 2012 Collision between USS Essex and USNS Yukon
  169. USS Essex collided with the USNS Yukon [ODIN]
  170. Somali pirates respond to EU NAVFOR air strike, threatening to kill captured seafarer
  171. North Korea hoists Jolly Roger, which is no surprise, but hijacking Chinese vessels i
  172. Research vessel Coriolis II ran aground, Canada [ODIN]
  173. IMO Secretary Koji Sekimizu, back in the future [ODIN]
  174. Ferry Stena Spirit struck gantry crane in Gdynia [ODIN]
  175. Gas leak from NYK Artemis in LA container terminal [ODIN]
  176. Hoax bomb threat on a ferry Princess Anastasia, Stockholm [ODIN]
  177. Turkish freighter Erol Senkaya sank in Ionian sea [ODIN]
  178. Turkish freighter Erol Senkaya sank in Ionian sea [ODIN]
  179. Bulk carrier ID Integrity disabled and drifting towards Great Barrier Reef [ODIN]
  180. Ferry Mecklenburg-Vorpommern allided with a quay in Rostock [ODIN]
  181. Vietnam arrests 4 shipping executives in scandal [ODIN]
  182. Iranian Navy and Iranian news agencies saved m/v Rosita from pirates, or did they? [O
  183. Correction to the news on the collision between m/v Rio Turbio and tug Ava Payagua,
  184. Boxship Guang Yi suffered engine failure in Taiwan Strait [ODIN]
  185. New Zealand to ban foreign-flagged fishing vessels [ODIN]
  186. Ferry Aqua Jewel allided with quay and two vessels, Kavala, Greece [ODIN]
  187. Who’s Mister Koji Sekimizu? [ODIN]
  188. Fire on nuclear submarine USS Miami, Portsmouth [ODIN]
  189. Freighter Taranto disabled and adrift in Biscay [ODIN]
  190. China Customs Embarks on Anti-Smuggling Campaign [ODIN]
  191. Oslo fjord pilots went on strike, traffic closed [ODIN]
  192. Wilson Blyth crew member arrested for tobacco contraband, Greece [ODIN]
  193. Freighter Cranz ran aground in Vierow, Germany [ODIN]
  194. LPG tanker Polargas collided with river cargo vessel Rhonita in Ghent-Terneuzen Canal
  195. Rena - Captain jailed over NZ shipwreck disaster
  196. Japan Customs Officially Announces Implementation of 24-Hour Rules [ODIN]
  197. Freighter Biostar sinking avoided thanks to rescuers, Norway [ODIN]
  198. New Chinese ship stuck beneath bridge
  199. Oceanic trawler Kapitan Bolsunovskiy sank in Bering sea [ODIN]
  200. Correction of the news related to the general cargo vessel Wilson Blyth [ODIN]
  201. Russian freighter Professor Katsman sneaked to Tartous violating Syria arms embargo [
  202. Boxship Planet V accident on Flushing road [ODIN]
  203. Google Earth does ships?
  204. Freighter Kirsten ran aground, Baltic sea [ODIN]
  205. Disasters 2012 update [ODIN]
  206. Bulk carrier Pochard broke down in Kiel Canal [ODIN]
  207. Freighter Micronesian Pride rescued 49 survivors of Solomon Islands trader Solfish 00
  208. Chinese coaster Jinghuai 188 sank near Shanghai, 3 crew missing [ODIN]
  209. Cruiser liner Ocean Countess suffered a 3 hours blackout [ODIN]
  210. Boxship Vitality detained in Algeciras for a dubious spill [ODIN]
  211. Bulk carrier Kifangondo detained after fire, Piraues [ODIN]
  212. Chem tanker Stena Conqueror allided with a wooden pier in Brake [ODIN]
  213. Sri Lankan freighter Lanka Mahapola crew arrested, Durban [ODIN]
  214. NZ Trade Union against FOC in the wake of Rena accident [ODIN]
  215. Freighter Mersa 2 aground off Elba island, Med [ODIN]
  216. Tug Tetra II with jack-up rig Kinoa unreported [ODIN]
  217. Vessel with 147 persons on board was in need of assistance [ODIN]
  218. British Sailor Missing in Dubai
  219. Ferry Queen of Coquitlam evacuated after bomb threat, British Columbia [ODIN]
  220. Two containers went on fire on board of Hyundai Global [ODIN]
  221. P&O Cruise ship 175th anniversary regalia at Southampton 3 July 2012
  222. Bad news [ODIN]
  223. Trawler Kapitan Laskov aground, Kuril Islands [ODIN]
  224. Mersa 2 refloated [ODIN]
  225. Trawler Kapitan Laskov aground, Kuril Islands [ODIN]
  226. Liberian Registry requires Advanced Notice of Arrival to fight detentions [ODIN]
  227. Trawler Kapitan Laskov refloated [ODIN]
  228. Disabled ferry Baleno 168 towed to safety, Philippines [ODIN]
  229. 11 crew of sailing yacht Tipsy Frenz rescued, Taiwan Strait [ODIN]
  230. Distressed sailing yacht Beau Geste safely anchored, Norfolk island [ODIN]
  231. MISC Berhad leaving liner sector [ODIN]
  232. Shipping needs arms permit convention, not just national bills [ODIN]
  233. Turkish tanker fined for pollution in Ukrainian port [ODIN]
  234. Egypt eyes Georgia port to ship Kazakh wheat, displeasing Russia [ODIN]
  235. Australia following the trend to revive merchant fleet [ODIN]
  236. Boxship Josephine Maersk and Panamax bulk carrier Spring Glory collided in Singapore
  237. Sagasbank allided with the North Pier in Brake [ODIN]
  238. Hijacked tankers Smyrni and Royal Grace reportedly motherships [ODIN]
  239. Clipper Gemini allided with the South Lock wall in Kiel Canal [ODIN]
  240. At least 30 vessels of unsold coal cargoes float off China's coast [ODIN]
  241. Transhipment Containers Keep Surging in Korean Ports [ODIN]
  242. Hong Kong in a first quarter [ODIN]
  243. Forum postings
  244. Tanker Liquid Velvet released by Somali pirates [ODIN]
  245. Letter to the people of the United States of America and Canada
  246. Statistics of pirated and released vessels and crews 2010 – 2012, June 09 2012 [ODI
  247. Chemical leak on board of ferry Stena Scandinavica [ODIN]
  248. US Army Landing craft Monterey beached to avoid sinking, Alaska [ODIN]
  249. LNG tankers order book and operating fleet [ODIN]
  250. China Container Freight Index Dips in May [ODIN]