News and Views from the Shipping World

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  1. Queen Mary 2
  2. The World is not Enough on deck of the Spiegelgracht
  3. Shell and Exxon expect record profits
  4. Another One Bites The Dust...
  5. V ships pull out of the Calmac Tendering Process
  6. bye bye Navy!
  7. Ulcc To The Rescue
  8. Sch 302 On Fire
  9. Torpoint ferry up and working again
  10. Princess pleads guilty to killing a humpback whale
  11. The 5,700-teu Hyundai Confidence adrift off US
  12. China sees record ships output
  13. Norwegian cruise ship runs aground
  14. Port of Antwerp trade figures
  15. River Thames - RNLI
  16. Yeeeeha!!! Take a look at this one
  17. Nutter on the loose...!
  18. Chelsea owners yacht
  19. The Silni crewvessel
  20. A Leander for $1
  21. Yacht sinks
  22. Collision in the Mersey.
  23. Daniel K Ludwig - National Bulkcarriers
  24. A interesting bit of news here in NZ
  25. QM2 becomes largest ship to sail under Golden Gate Bridge
  26. 85 feared dead in Cameroon capsize
  27. More sickness on a cruise ship
  28. Shake up in carrier builders
  29. Dutch liveboat test to england
  30. Cpasized ship being lifted
  31. Sinking trawler rescued
  32. New ship orders
  33. And more ship orders....
  34. MV Wunma swamped in Gulf of Carpentaria
  35. Marine Investigation
  36. Fishing boat hits tanker
  37. 1000 ship Navy
  38. New U.S Navy build programme
  39. Cruising - megarich style
  40. 60 rescued off mining ship
  41. Sex link in Queen of the North sinking
  42. Marine Groundings On The Increase
  43. Scapa Flow ship to ship transfers
  44. Propontis aground 0200 this morning
  45. Ship With Ammonium Nitrate Catches Fire
  46. Growing Cruise Sector Contribution to European Economy
  47. Greek Tanker Runs Aground
  48. Majesty Of The Sea Returns
  49. The Outlaw Sea
  50. Cebu ship on fire
  51. Video - River Thames - Boatmasters License Debate @ Parliament
  52. First gas delivery for Teeside
  53. Carnival name new ships
  54. $105.5bn worth of ships on order
  55. abandoned
  56. Cruise Liner In Mishap
  57. Yacht death
  58. Whaling Wars
  59. Shipyard workers asleep on the job
  60. Baco Liner 2
  61. Devon shipyard boost.
  62. Big order for Samsung.
  63. South Korean coaster missing off Japan.
  64. Some interesting Heavy liftships
  65. Red Tape for new Navy ships
  66. Flying the Red Ensign
  67. Fog Locker
  68. 125th Anniversary
  69. Cruise problems for New Orleans
  70. Icelandic Fishery Protection Craft
  71. Crippled whaling ship
  72. China's newest port.
  73. Hawaii Superferry bid hits problems
  74. Navy needs extra £1bn - Admiral
  75. Queen Mary 2 in Auckland NZ
  76. Weir Pumps Takeover.
  77. freight crash when cable snaps
  78. Cargo ship's load is fermenting.
  79. Call to end fishing fuel subsidies.
  80. HMS Cornwall docks in Croatia.
  81. Tanker / cargo vessel collision
  82. China to deliver 1st LNG carrier
  83. Arctic Search & Rescue
  84. Crew's mutiny over unpaid wages.
  85. French Vessel query
  86. Warning on fish stocks and floods
  87. Oil Transfers
  88. new ferry sinking
  89. Bombed ship should be war grave.
  90. Colossal squid caught in NZ
  91. Nigerian oil worker kidnap crisis.
  92. Spanish Civil War
  93. A look inside Trident submarine HMS Vigilant
  94. Greenpeace
  95. Sri Lanka Navy kills 9 rebels.
  96. £18M Salmon industry under threat.
  97. Something for the weekend Sir.?!
  98. German Minehunter - Whoops
  99. Rogue wave clip
  100. Bourbon orders 46 more ships
  101. Tidal Anomolies and Variations
  102. European Cruise Industry
  103. Titanic info site set up.
  104. New freight ferry service for Swansea - Cork.
  105. **New** - Panama Canal cruises.
  106. Independence
  107. Back to sailing ships then?
  108. Weather holds up Napoli salvage (BBC News)
  109. Ferguson shipyard faces closure (BBC News)
  110. Ship hijackers caught in Somalia (BBC News)
  111. Expansion plans for Dorset port (BBC News)
  112. UK base for world's largest ship (BBC News)
  113. Spain tells ships to avoid whales (BBC News)
  114. City forges link with new warship (BBC News)
  115. Faslane blockade ship is seized (BBC News)
  116. Ship's crew fly home after deal (BBC News)
  117. Fresh Napoli debris washed ashore (BBC News)
  118. Ship's crew paid after stand off (BBC News)
  119. MSC Napoli, Comments From Various Professionals
  120. Hunt for Indonesia ferry missing (BBC News)
  121. Rape trial for navy petty officer (BBC News)
  122. RFA Largs Bay
  123. Isle of Man Steam Packet - First scheduled sailing to Birkenhead
  124. Falklands defended by asbestos
  125. Three fishermen rescued after ship sinks
  126. Republica di Genova capsized
  127. Car carrier and boat in collision (BBC News)
  128. Island prepares for cruise visits (BBC News)
  129. Japanese whaler restarts engines (BBC News)
  130. World Cruises
  131. Mauritania returns Asian migrants (BBC News)
  132. New Buildings
  133. ship losses down
  134. Warship makes goodwill CI visit (BBC News)
  135. USS Hunley
  136. Owner Charged Over Fishing Boat Deaths.
  137. Russia nuclear delay angers Iran (BBC News)
  138. Navy ship gives children VIP tour (BBC News)
  139. Shields Gazette - Readers Requests
  140. Navy helps rescue vessel's crew (BBC News)
  141. Scapa war relics sold in auction (BBC News)
  142. Sri Lanka sinks 'Tigers vessels' (BBC News)
  143. 23 missing as cargo ships collide
  144. From slave trade to humanitarian aid (BBC News)
  145. Lukewarm response for ship course (BBC News)
  146. Rivers run towards 'crisis point' (BBC News)
  147. Shipyards support 4500 Clyde jobs
  148. DNV wins half of Far East and India shipbuilding contracts
  149. Another new maritime block of flats.!
  150. Pakistan launches strategic port (BBC News)
  151. Ship crew 'refuse to leave port' (BBC News)
  152. Eight dead off China after a collision between two cargo vessels
  153. Ferry aground off Virgin Islands
  154. Labour say SNP will destroy Clyde ship yards.
  155. Miami cruise figures up.
  156. Cargo ship 'listing' in rough sea (BBC News)
  157. Portuguese discover Oz and NZ.
  158. Two sailors killed on HMS Tireless
  159. Queen of the North Update
  160. bloody red shrimp invasion
  161. Mitsui OSK Ore Carrier
  162. Troubled Japan whaler back home (BBC News)
  163. Frigate with formidable firepower (BBC News)
  164. FLEETS ( Flag Ship )
  165. Grand Princess - Overboard
  166. Hopes to donate research library (BBC News)
  167. More support for warship petition (BBC News)
  168. Messages flood in for ship's crew (BBC News)
  169. Good news for Cornish fishermen.
  170. Bad news for Scotish fishermen
  171. Bad news for Scotish fishermenThames "clean enough" for salmon
  172. Stranded Japanese whaler returns home with 508 Minke whales
  173. The financial destruction of the RN
  174. Aker Yards win 4th cruise ship contract.
  175. Smit secures 25 year LNG Adriatic contract.
  176. Ships blocked by Rhine accident (BBC News)
  177. HMS Cornwall
  178. Casualties as Guinea boat capsizes.
  179. Cruise ship delayed by bomb hoax.
  180. Maersk concentrate on profits.
  181. Smit takes over at Liverpool.
  182. Marseille port dispute enters 3rd week.
  183. Island cruise ship season starts (BBC News)
  184. First cruise ship arrives in city (BBC News)
  185. Arctic submarine blast 'unique' (BBC News)
  186. To members with log-in or registration problems
  187. More Cruise Ship Orders
  188. Mighty Servant 3
  189. manners and civility
  190. 4 fast craft ferry order for Austal
  191. Yet another cruise ship order
  192. Coal ship explosion
  193. Cruise ship Sea Diamond abandoned off Greece
  194. Cruise ship evacuated off Greece (BBC News)
  195. New order for 44 ore carriers
  196. New ferries for Istanbul
  197. What next for the former captives? (BBC News)
  198. Students rescued from cruise ship (BBC News)
  199. Two missing at Greek cruise site (BBC News)
  200. Students on way home after rescue (BBC News)
  201. Divers search for Greek ship pair (BBC News)
  202. Crew missing in China sea crash (BBC News)
  203. Students home after cruise rescue (BBC News)
  204. Cruise liner visits set to grow (BBC News)
  205. 'Human error' in Greece sinking (BBC News)
  206. Red Funnel For Sale?
  207. Bourbon Dolphin capsizes and sinking
  208. Navy warship shows off new refit (BBC News)
  209. Titanic passenger lists go online (BBC News)
  210. Doctor airlifted onto cruise ship (BBC News)
  211. Volunteers clear 'Napoli' debris (BBC News)
  212. Yacht and gas tanker in collision (BBC News)
  213. Star's US cruise line in financial difficulties
  214. JJ Prior Transport
  215. Titanic letter warned of 'danger' (BBC News)
  216. OMI Corp acquired jointly by Teekay and Torm
  217. Ocean liner takes tourism Oscar (BBC News)
  218. Fire breaks out on ship at docks (BBC News)
  219. Cruise ship fire report released (BBC News)
  220. Solstad's New Ferking Ship
  221. Marie Celeste again?
  222. New boat
  223. Relatives remember Samtampa sea disaster (BBC News)
  224. Liberty of the seas. southampton.
  225. World's largest cruise ship calls (BBC News)
  226. faroese factory ship on fire
  227. Swastika Props?
  228. Man Overboard
  229. RN to get new carriers
  230. Navy resumes Gulf ship missions (BBC News)
  231. Charity hospital ship to set sail (BBC News)
  232. Bad omen cast over ship's launch (BBC News)
  233. Warship rescues sunken ship crew (BBC News)
  234. Ship capsize inquiry set to begin (BBC News)
  235. Ships crew rescued by RN
  236. Dip in global pirate ship attacks (BBC News)
  237. Replica ship's return is delayed (BBC News)
  238. Knox-Johnston quits the ‘ruined’ oceans
  239. Ship-handling question
  240. Earthquake Raises Ship from Sea floor.
  241. Merchant Seamans Veteran's Badges
  242. Former Iran captives back on ship (BBC News)
  243. Lost passport delays captive duty (BBC News)
  244. Injured woman rescued from cruise (BBC News)
  245. Former Cerdic Ferry sold for scrap
  246. Cargo boat 'looted off Sri Lanka' (BBC News)
  247. Charity ship sets sail for Africa (BBC News)
  248. 'Bourbon Dolphin' will not be raised.
  249. Battle of the Atlantic
  250. Cruise ship returns after rescue (BBC News)