News and Views from the Shipping World

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  1. Blue Lady breaks the rules
  2. Shipping Forecast's 'baffling' legacy (BBC News)
  3. River Mersey collision
  4. Revised ghost ship plan submitted (BBC News)
  5. Vale Darling Harbour
  6. MoD denies Navy could be halved (BBC News)
  7. Cruise woman's body is recovered (BBC News)
  8. NZ to drop Union Jack
  9. Red Sea Island erupts
  10. HMS Fearless heads for scrapyard (BBC News)
  11. Diver killed on U-boat expedition
  12. Floating Pub due in London 8th October
  13. Attack of the White Duckies
  14. Coastal rescue operation launched
  15. Interactive Shipping
  16. Sri Lanka 'sinks last Tiger boat' (BBC News)
  17. BBC News: Apology to Harland & Wolff
  18. QM2 gangplank disaster trial opens
  19. RSPB backs oil transfer law bid (BBC News)
  20. Diary: Taking the Northwest Passage
  21. Exercise tests emergency response (BBC News)
  22. Man rescued after fire on yacht
  23. Cunard to Build New Queen Elizabeth
  24. Prince praises Mary Rose workers (BBC News)
  25. Mary Rose 'at risk of being lost'
  26. Skipper charged with boat deaths
  27. Ships asked to avoid whale route (BBC News)
  28. Two charged with US boat murders
  29. Whaling battle moves to YouTube
  30. Croatia hosts major Nato exercise
  31. Two rescued in new port accident
  32. Platform secured after collapse
  33. Fishing boat sinks after collision
  34. UK's oldest ship marks 190 years (BBC News)
  35. captain eating as ship founders
  36. EC Unveils New Maritime Policy
  37. Fire put out on Irish Sea ferry
  38. Supermarket to 'float' it's stock
  39. Ships' CO2 'twice that of planes' (BBC News)
  40. 3 Crew rescued from fishing Boat
  41. Navy ship patrols the Gulf waters (BBC News)
  42. New Tanker for NZ Coast
  43. Youths admit killing Goan sailor (BBC News)
  44. FOI Act shows sub safety alerts
  45. Mexico boat loss leaves 11 dead
  46. Ferry firms scrap harbour plans
  47. Merchant Navy recruitment drive
  48. Submarine's return makes history
  49. Skipper gets round-the-world role
  50. New playground's ship needs name (BBC News)
  51. Mexican oil rig accident kills 18
  52. MP 'satisfied' after ferry talks
  53. 'Clear case' for Forth hovercraft
  54. Sir Walter Scott goes green
  55. Cargo vessel stuck on river bank
  56. Can QE2 Be Replaced?
  57. Breaking the ice (BBC News)
  58. sub unfit for submerging
  59. Navy ship in massive cocaine haul (BBC News)
  60. Rescue group lands in stormy waters
  61. Japanese ship hijacked in Africa (BBC News)
  62. Breaking the ice
  63. Exxon can appeal $2.5bn oil fine
  64. Freighter "Omer N" capsized and sunk in De
  65. Inquiry into sudden death at sea (BBC News)
  66. Fire breaks out in ship in dock (BBC News)
  67. Broken gas pipe at boatyard fire
  68. Nomadic leaves city centre berth (BBC News)
  69. Injured woman airlifted from ship (BBC News)
  70. xplosion reports at oil refinery
  71. Nigeria navy in deadly oil clash
  72. Drug submarines found in Colombia
  73. Japan ends Afghan naval mission
  74. WWII mine in sea to be made safe
  75. Mexico in record cocaine seizure (BBC News)
  76. Drunk ship crash captain jailed (BBC News)
  77. Diamond Giveaway
  78. Two sailors start 4,000-mile race
  79. Lost skipper sparks major search
  80. Really Good Tanker Resource Site
  81. Mayday signal traced to fridges (BBC News)
  82. For and against Lord Ram's bridge (BBC News)
  83. Lifeboat on-load release systems
  84. Rescue mission begins over beacon
  85. 'Banana wave' hits Dutch islands (BBC News)
  86. Dubai Marina bridge collapse
  87. Collision in S.F. Bay - Merged Threads
  88. Record number of ships to visit (BBC News)
  89. Crews missing in Black Sea storm (BBC News)
  90. All ferried ashore from stranded cruise ship ( CNN )
  91. Crew Rescued From Fishing Vessel Off Bridlington
  92. In pictures: Black Sea storm (BBC News)
  93. Smyril Line vessel Norröna damaged
  94. NORSHUKON to name preferred bidder
  95. Black Sea faces oil 'catastrophe' (BBC News)
  96. Toxic fine for 'Ghost ships' firm (BBC News)
  97. U F O ?
  98. Photos of derelict shipping sites/looking for sites
  99. Seaman fails to return to tanker (BBC News)
  100. Lord Line, Trawler offices Hull
  101. Baltic yields 'perfect' shipwreck (BBC News)
  102. Buster Crabb
  103. Fisherman struck ill at sea dies ( BBC News )
  104. New rescue sub tested on sea loch ( BBC News )
  105. FAO: Colin Mitchell 'CJM411'
  106. Sailor dies after ship accident (BBC News)
  107. Helicopter rescues Russian seaman (BBC News)
  108. Triadic and Trienza
  109. Russian Cargo Ship
  110. Japanese Whaling Fleet Has Sailed
  111. Swan Hunter/Hawthorn Leslie
  112. Quebec wants relics of Rhyl ship (BBC News)
  113. US Navy ships drop HK visit plan (BBC News)
  114. Explorer sinking off Antarctica
  115. Two dead after cruiser capsizes ( BBC )
  116. Ship's crew help restore cemetery (BBC News)
  117. 'Serious' blaze on oil platform
  118. Photographs reveal ship's history (BBC News)
  119. A woman with one ear to the sea (BBC News)
  120. Missing seaman found two weeks on (BBC News)
  121. Destroyer launches on the Clyde ( BBC )
  122. Shell platform fire extinguished ( BBC )
  123. Rescues at Sea
  124. Crewman rescued during yacht race (BBC)
  125. US protest at China navy refusal (BBC News)
  126. Bulkcarrier sinks off Taiwan
  127. Help Information sought
  128. Spes Nova CN77 sunk in the Minch
  129. French trawler fisherman missing at sea ( BBC news )
  130. High wave warning for Irish coast ( BBC )
  131. NTSB Report on Norway explosion just in
  132. Storm set to lash Channel coast ( BBC )
  133. Ship Ashore At Qld.port
  134. Two rescued after yacht capsizes ( BBC )
  135. Missing ferry woman search 'off'
  136. Fearless or the Intrepid on the move..
  137. Canoeist resurfaces five years on ( BBC )
  138. Recycling waste shipped overseas (BBC News)
  139. Warship returns from deployment (BBC News)
  140. Historic puffer returns to canal
  141. Fishermen die in car pier plunge ( BBC )
  142. Father and son die in sea tragedy ( BBC )
  143. Problems with MV Black Prince??
  144. Union Steamship Co.of NZ
  145. Search for sailing ship
  146. another Marco Polo
  147. Recognition for Lancastria dead ( BBC )
  148. Ship refit comes to Fife dockyard (BBC News)
  149. Munitions Ship Explosion Halifax 6th Dec 1917
  150. Dalhousie N.B. Paper Mill Closure
  151. Car Carrier Figaro in difficulty off Cornwall
  152. New liner arrives in Southampton (BBC News)
  153. Hydrographic job cuts announced ( BBC )
  154. Boats destroyed in marina 'arson' ( BBC )
  155. Oil spill after S Korea collision ( BBC )
  156. Whats your number?
  157. Two injured in rowing boat rescue ( BBC )
  158. Father and son saved in Atlantic ( BBC )
  159. Cargo ship collision in harbour (BBC News)
  160. New museum houses heroine's boat ( BBC )
  161. Bidders named for £200m Navy deal (BBC News)
  162. LNG/LPG new buildings?
  163. Cargo vessel is helped to shore ( BBC )
  164. Red Sea collision ?
  165. Crowds flock to S Leone slave ship (BBC News)
  166. Lifeboat crew goes to yacht's aid ( BBC )
  167. Oil spill in North Sea off Norway ( BBC )
  168. Freight ferry replacement found (BBC News)
  169. More cruise ships ordered for Germany's AIDA Cruises
  170. Record price for sailor's medals ( BBC )
  171. CalMac considers new ferry route ( BBC )
  172. Maltese vessel freed off sandbar (BBC News)
  173. Fisherman rescued in bad weather ( BBC )
  174. Coastguard aids yacht in Panama ( BBC )
  175. lake carling incident
  176. Yacht holding third place in race ( BBC )
  177. Kelvin Centenary
  178. End of the Lagik
  179. The Devonport Ferries and The long Haul
  180. Canberra to monitor Japan whalers (BBC News)
  181. Tugs born and bred on River Clyde (BBC News)
  182. Warships back after deployments (BBC News)
  183. Guide to the ships (BBC News)
  184. The Raw Prawn
  185. Diary: Jonah and the whale-chasers (BBC News)
  186. Ancient ship raised from S China Sea (BBC News)
  187. Marine research in funding boost (BBC News)
  188. Research shows fish 'personality' (BBC News)
  189. Inter-island shipping review ends (BBC News)
  190. Stricken US ship pilot 'novice' (BBC News)
  191. Final total?
  192. Festivities for tall ships race (BBC News)
  193. Ship Sinks Off Korea
  194. Coastguards keep Christmas watch (BBC News)
  195. More cruise ships to visit island (BBC News)
  196. MP highlights oil threat to birds (BBC News)
  197. Oil-pump failure sidelines H.M.S. Astute!!!
  198. Boat fire men saved from mudflats ( BBC )
  199. Princess Kaguya
  200. Joy as round-world cruise rescued (BBC News)
  201. Heroic lifeboat rescue remembered (BBC News)
  202. Ghost Ships At Hartlepool (Merged threads)
  203. Another cruise ship strikes Antarctic iceberg; no one injured
  204. Flotsam ?
  205. Luxury liner hit by sickness bug ( BBC )
  206. Fishing memorial appeal tops £40k (BBC)
  207. Canada's climate change boomtown (BBC News)
  208. Container Vessel LT CORTESIA aground in Dover Strait
  209. Seal was bitten by 'great white' (BBC)
  210. Titanic ceremony still on cards (BBC)
  211. Italian trawler seized by Croatia (BBC)
  212. Diary: Jonah and the whale-chasers (BBC News)
  213. World VLCC Fleet
  214. June scrap date for 'ghost ships' (BBC News)
  215. Four injured in offshore accident (BBC)
  216. Stricken boat being towed to port (BBC)
  217. Cargo ship listing in North Sea (BBC News)
  218. Recreating a Viking voyage (BBC News)
  219. Beer commissioned to honour ship (BBC News)
  220. How can I trace details of a collision in the 1950s?
  221. On this day ( BBC )
  222. 'Our special moments on QE2' (BBC News)
  223. Part dropped to ship stuck in ice (BBC News)
  224. shipping delays
  225. French Fv Missing
  226. Iran boats 'threatened US ships' (BBC News)
  227. Is it possible to CTL a simulator?
  228. 'Shipping container' hotel built (BBC News)
  229. Legal move in trawler inquest bid (BBC)
  230. Australian ship seeks out whalers (BBC News)
  231. World War Two -the safer fringe
  232. Seamens Home.
  233. Big plans for the Port of Cork
  234. MSC India - accident leaves 2 dead 1 serious
  235. WW2 - More of the safer fringe
  236. Chemical ship in rescue operation (BBC News)
  237. Hoax caller jailed - £45,000 was cost of Rescue mission
  238. Port in line for cruise giants (BBC News)
  239. Five crew saved from sinking boat (BBC)
  240. Port in line for cruise giants (BBC News)
  241. Brave Frontiers
  242. washington state ferry in storm
  243. Coastguard forced to resign
  244. Uk Coastguard Alerted To Man Injured On Boat 600 Miles Off Shore
  245. green nuclear?
  246. Mozambique sent urgent flood aid (BBC News)
  247. A real contender on the waterfront (BBC News)
  248. Two members of Courtmacsherry Lifeboat were injured during a search
  249. Crew airlifted from listing ship Ice Prince
  250. Run aground cargo ship is listing (BBC News)