News and Views from the Shipping World

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  1. Ferry fire caused evacuation fear ( BBC )
  2. Three sailors rescued from yacht ( BBC )
  3. Russian warships resume patrols of the Arctic sea ( FISHupdate )
  4. New turbine to harness wave power ( BBC )
  5. Booze boat owner loses court bid ( BBC )
  6. Battle of Trafalgar log auctioned (BBC News)
  7. Deep sea container site planned ( BBC )
  8. Three dead in fishing boat fire ( BBC )
  9. Cruise ship passengers tell of horror ( Yahoo news feed from ITN )
  10. Tall ships arrive for festival (BBC News)
  11. Goss 'Mystery' at boating regatta ( BBC )
  12. Spanish crew rescued off Ireland ( BBC )
  13. Tropical storm forms in oil area of Gulf of Mexico ( Reuters - Yahoo news feed )
  14. Iran tests 'new anti-ship weapon' (BBC News)
  15. Ship ready for operational duties (BBC News)
  16. Yachtsman is airlifted to safety ( BBC )
  17. MCA delighted by ' Highland Emergency ' documentary ( FishUpdate )
  18. Ferry link returns to remote Jura ( BBC )
  19. On this day in 1971: Sailor's record 'wrong way' voyage ( BBC )
  20. On this day in 1945: US drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima ( BBC )
  21. Straits of Dover (BBC - Britain from the Air)
  22. Canada escort in Somalia welcomed (BBC News)
  23. 'Ghost ship' deaths an accident (BBC News)
  24. Around Africa in a Phoenician boat ( BBC )
  25. Fisherman dies after sea rescue ( BBC )
  26. Sub to make deep Caribbean dive ( BBC )
  27. 'Ghost ship' deaths an accident ( BBC )
  28. Divers with the bends airlifted ( BBC )
  29. Family memorial to lost sailors (BBC News)
  30. Boat protest over fuel tax charge ( BBC )
  31. Boat crime remains 'big problem' ( BBC )
  32. Stricken yacht helped by lifeboat ( BBC )
  33. On this day in 1971: Admiral's Cup triumph for Heath ( BBC )
  34. Joint operation protects borders ( BBC )
  35. Epic paddle sea kayakers rescued ( BBC )
  36. Work begins on £7m flood defences (BBC News)
  37. Search for missing teenage diver ( BBC )
  38. Historic yard plan inquiry begins ( BBC )
  39. River search for five-year old girl
  40. On This day in 1979: Freak storm hits yacht race ( BBC )
  41. On This day in 1980: Shipyard Poles strike for their rights ( BBC )
  42. On this day in 2000: Rescuers race to save stricken Kursk ( BBC )
  43. Search for fisherman in North Sea ( BBC )
  44. Canoeists sea search stood down ( BBC )
  45. Operation to airlift ill crewman ( BBC )
  46. Rescuerers Get Parking Tickets
  47. Shipping containers become hotel (BBC News)
  48. Health and Safety grounds lifeboat
  49. Canada seeks historic shipwrecks (BBC News)
  50. Yacht In Trouble
  51. Historic ship's journeys relived (BBC News)
  52. Flood boat crew head back home (BBC News)
  53. BC Ferries' 21,800-gt Coastal Inspiration
  54. Trawler Men - BBC 1.
  55. Flashback to the time of famine (BBC News)
  56. Russia urged to quit Georgia port (BBC News)
  57. Shipping forecast takes global bow (BBC News)
  58. Cruise ship evacuated after fire (BBC News)
  59. Shipyard hazard zone to be lifted (BBC News)
  60. US anger at Russian Georgia vote (BBC News)
  61. US aid ship avoids Russian troops (BBC News)
  62. NI woman leads search of US wreck (BBC News)
  63. Navy Drugs Bust
  64. Canadian PM presses Arctic claim (BBC News)
  65. Navy ships on hurricane stand-by (BBC News)
  66. Seaman dies at Fawley
  67. Inquiry Into Loss Of HMAS Sydney Begins
  68. Ghost Ship Fleet to control climate
  69. Terror arrests at Fawley
  70. Tribute to Merchant Navy war dead (BBC News)
  71. Ship wreck ring goes on display (BBC News)
  72. Firm wins £150m ship testing deal (BBC News)
  73. 'Ghost ship' firm in legal threat (BBC News)
  74. Northwest Passage Declared Open
  75. Malaysia deploys navy to Somalia (BBC News)
  76. The Box takes off on global journey (BBC News)
  77. Russian navy to visit Venezuela (BBC News)
  78. 220,000
  79. Fleetwood Pier goes up in smoke
  80. Hurtigruten future
  81. Proposed Rosyth Ferry
  82. Thousands to celebrate tall ships (BBC News)
  83. US sanctions target Iran carrier (BBC News)
  84. Asgard II sinks in Biscay - Three Merged Threads
  85. Pirates
  86. Channel Tunnel Fire and Ferries
  87. Charity may run historic warship (BBC News)
  88. Aircraft carriers
  89. HMS Intrepid makes final journey (BBC News)
  90. Turkish Ferry sinks
  91. Scrap row Navy ship due at docks (BBC News)
  92. Oceans are 'too noisy' for whales (BBC News)
  93. Ferry offered for charter or sale (BBC News)
  94. Thousands to celebrate tall ships (BBC News)
  95. A very brave mariner has gone
  96. Another Hijacked ship in the Gulf of Aden
  97. Waverley crashes into pier
  98. Divers may have found Nancy wreck (BBC News)
  99. Fishing boat in crash off Lizard (BBC News)
  100. Tall ships boost city's neighbour (BBC News)
  101. Landing stage opening is delayed (BBC News)
  102. Freemantle phased out
  103. Officers seize 1.4m cigarettes (BBC News)
  104. Russian navy sails to Venezuela (BBC News)
  105. 'Tighten ship cargo rules' call (BBC News)
  106. UK engineer killed in China storm (BBC News)
  107. Uncovering Namibia's sunken treasure (BBC News)
  108. Ship sinks in storm off Bulgaria (BBC News)
  109. Proposal to increase harbour dues (BBC News)
  110. The Song of the Whale (BBC News)
  111. QE2 Farewell Voyage
  112. Celebrity Solstice leaves yard.
  113. Asbestos warship legal bid fails (BBC News)
  114. More EU legislation to affect shipping?
  115. Offshore workers
  116. Kiribatis dropped by Hamburg Sud
  117. Families welcome naval ship home (BBC News)
  118. High and Dry
  119. Crippling Radio Charges for RNLI
  120. "Sound of Seil"
  121. Cuba welcomes RN anti-drug ship (BBC News)
  122. Medieval ship restoration on show (BBC News)
  123. ??? RN Fleet Tenders ???
  124. photos
  125. Ship towed after propeller snag (BBC News)
  126. Carriers to be electric powered (BBC News)
  127. UK 'needs tougher climate target' (BBC News)
  128. Seabirds threatened by oil spill
  129. MV Xanadu / Faithful
  130. Couple advised to be more careful after cruise compensation bid fails
  131. Coastguards tow vessel to safety (BBC News)
  132. QE 2's Funnel To Go - merged threads
  133. WWII warship is not coming home (BBC News)
  134. Wirral cam
  135. FEDRA aground at Europa Point
  136. Oxford need steady ship - Thomas (BBC News)
  137. Suez: the supertanker super highway (BBC News)
  138. 3 Crewmen Missing From Ship
  139. Duff Info
  140. Titanic survivor auctions relics (BBC News)
  141. movie"mamma mia"
  142. Am I missing something here?
  143. Tall ship to winter in Bristol (BBC News)
  144. Baltic Dry Index
  145. Rainbow Warrior in coal protest (BBC News)
  146. Woman makes Irish naval history (BBC News)
  147. Drugs found on Arcadia
  148. Appeal over asbestos ship ruling (BBC News)
  149. Winch fails in rescue
  150. Hurtigruten winter lay up
  151. S Lanka ships attacked by Tigers (BBC News)
  152. Worker run over in hold of ship (BBC News)
  153. Gulf drugbuster ship returns home (BBC News)
  154. Town praised for Tall Ships' work (BBC News)
  155. Nasty weather on way for Irish Sea
  156. MPs rebelling over climate bill (BBC News)
  157. More Amateur Madness
  158. Ship wreck memorial could fall (BBC News)
  159. Drifting ship 'a threat' to coast (BBC News)
  160. Girl threw ship's cat into Thames (BBC News)
  161. Our Heritage
  162. Shipping firm's jobs under threat (BBC News)
  163. Captain found drunk on oil tanker (BBC News)
  164. Strange but true.
  165. Rising demand for shipping berths (BBC News)
  166. Next Govan launch.
  167. Freight container to be replaced (BBC News)
  168. Climate bill 'to include planes' (BBC News)
  169. Voyage marks shipwreck ancestor (BBC News)
  170. New Ship for P&O
  171. Shipyard alliance for tanker bid (BBC News)
  172. Ship grounds above gas pipeline on River Tay
  173. Activists sail towards Kingsnorth (BBC News)
  174. Ships collide in English Channel (BBC News)
  175. Brittania Bulk in Trouble
  176. Fred Olsen - passengers fall from gangway
  177. The disgrace that was The Board of Longitude
  178. US Coastguard Report(For Information)
  179. Cameroon oil vessel's crew seized (BBC News)
  180. Dredger Abigail H sinks on the berth at Heysham
  181. MCA madness over flares?
  182. Students report UK-China leg of the Box (BBC News)
  183. Three rescued as trawler sinks near Killybegs
  184. yet another ferry!
  185. MTB 102 Trust
  186. QE2 on E-Bay
  187. Changes made by death ship firm (BBC News)
  188. Cruise liner hit by sickness bug (BBC News)
  189. Remembrance: HMS Hood tribute by Fred Olsen ship
  190. A rescue operation was launched off the coast of Co Galway
  191. fishing boat sinks off Lewis
  192. Ship's beaching reduced pollution (BBC News)
  193. Harbour silt removal plan backed (BBC News)
  194. Huge cocaine seizure off southwest coast Ireland
  195. Ferry seized over 'unpaid taxes' (BBC News)
  196. Space station link to Darwin ship (BBC News)
  197. Why container ships may downsize (BBC News)
  198. Threat to ferry route
  199. In pictures: A farewell look at the QE2 (BBC News)
  200. Author reveals ship life on Mars (BBC News)
  201. Waiting on the most famous liner (BBC News)
  202. Ship Strikes Whale
  203. Smyril Line's Norröna cuts ports
  204. Drugs found in shipping container (BBC News)
  205. Warship returns to 'Freedom' town (BBC News)
  206. Hope the little Turtles are OK
  207. First woman set to command naval vessel
  208. Museum restoring Nelson food note (BBC News)
  209. Speedferries no more?
  210. Keeper swaps cricket for cruise (BBC News)
  211. Businesses urged not to miss boat (BBC News)
  212. Cammell Laird back on Merseyside (BBC News)
  213. Whalers slip out of Japanese port (BBC News)
  214. Port gets £750,000 control centre (BBC News)
  215. Mary Rose 'sunk by French cannon' (BBC News)
  216. Warning on overnight ship stays (BBC News)
  217. Fishing Vessels Tarumen & Cap Favel
  218. HMS Dragon launch
  219. Emergency turn in shipping lane (BBC News)
  220. Shipwreck to escape sibling's shadow (BBC News)
  221. Seized ferry returns to UK port (BBC News)
  222. Battle Tankers?
  223. Sailing the world at 16
  224. Sailor injured on board vessel (BBC News)
  225. Venezuela welcomes Russian ships (BBC News)
  226. Cargo ship sinks
  227. Terrorist attack on Mumbai.
  228. Two officers found guilty in a "magic pipe" case
  229. Ballycotton RNLI out this evening
  230. Smaller Cruise Ships in Trouble
  231. For those in peril.....
  232. FPSO Aoka Mizu
  233. Plan to raise ASGARD II
  234. Row over tanker held in Nigeria (BBC News)
  235. Libyan Gaza aid ship turns back (BBC News)
  236. Pride of Rotterdam searching for crew member in NS
  237. Royal Navy survey ship returning (BBC News)
  238. 20 people dumped in the sea Gulf of Aden.
  239. Thomson Destiny in Gibraltar Dry Dock ?
  240. Whisky Galore bottle under hammer (BBC News)
  241. Ferry aground
  242. Cruise ship Ushuaia leaking in Antarctic - merged threads
  243. Cruise ship drama in Antarctica (BBC News)
  244. Man drowns, nine rescued off Cork coast
  245. RAF Scuppers the FAA Again?
  246. Tallink launches "Baltic Queen"
  247. Indian Master and Chief Officer of the Hebei Spirit jailed
  248. Air rescue launched off Ireland (BBC News)
  249. Ship workers should not 'worry' (BBC News)
  250. Stormy waters for moving freight (BBC News)