HMS Cornwallis

8th February 2007, 08:13
I was nostalgically reminiscing the other evening, as we all do and thoughts of my Father came back flooding back.
He gave me so much to remember. Every summer I would be packed off by Mum to spend my summer hols with Dad on his ship. He was for many years with the RFA on the Salvage boat Succour. One Year. I must have been eight yrs old at the Time, the destination was Sheerness (Isle of Sheppey)
Where the Old HMS Cornwallis was being broken up, and Dad was part of it.
She was around 140 Years old then 1953. and she had had a great life. The Treaty of Nangking. When Hong Kong was ceded to the British was signed on her Deck.
After Trafalger the Royal Navy had to turn to India for Shipbuilding Materials, and this is how HMS Cornwallis was built from Burma Teak in the Bombay shipyards. If you go to the HMS Corwallis Website you will see a pic of My old Man Thomas Coulson Douglas with one of the crew handling some old chain. The chief engineer used to make Candlesticks from the old Teak, and beautiful model cannons. The carrige from Teak and the cannnon body from the Copper Rivets that held the old girl together. I Guess I must be the only person alive to have(A) stood on the deck of the Old Corwallis. if I remember correctly the deck was not burning ! Thanks Dear old Dad, and God Bless.