Bob S
7th December 2004, 19:07
Fore and aft view of Harrison Line's NOVELIST (65/6162) seen in the West India Dock in London.

7th December 2004, 20:42
Nice Pictures Bob S.
Harrison's were like Ropner's, no matter where you were in the world one or both would either be there when you arrived or arrive after you got there.
I'm intrigued by the structure on the mainmast, as well as the railinged crosstrees, though I have seen them on Fort and Park boats. That's not a crowsnest in that part of the ship. Is it something to do with traversing the Manchester ship canal? Or some other docking procedure? I just can't imagine what that thing on the mast is. Can anyone enlighten me?

19th April 2014, 12:02
Hi Bob, was wondering if you had any further photos of this ship. My stet-father sailed on here, possibly his first ship at hte age of ?22 and I'm tryind to pull together some nostaglia for him as his memory isn't so great these days.


19th April 2014, 17:28
That is a weird looking mast, Old Bosun. Certainly a strange place to put a thunderbox!

John T

tom roberts
21st April 2014, 10:38
I was a j.o.s. on the Novelist in 1954 that may be the ship in question,I believe she was a cam ship in the second world war.

Donald Macleod25
19th May 2014, 00:13
The 'box' is the housing for winch controls for the swinging derrick !!