Scanners and Printers.

11th February 2007, 21:35
Hi All. I'm up for a new scanner and printer, which would be the best option separates or all-in one and which make. Ken.

12th February 2007, 00:01
I just got an Epson RX560 scanner printer for £99, excellent bit of kit. Has 6 ink cartidges at £38 a set, but they seem to last quite a while, and you can change individual cartidges.

12th February 2007, 00:02
Hi Ken,


You can look in the various threads in the "Computers and the Internet" forum for starters where you will get some ideas.

After that it is horses for courses. How much do you want to spend, what do you want to scan and to what level of detail do you want to do the scanning etc. ?

Personally I don't much like the combined scanners/printers/faxes as in my mind a device with multiple functions like that has to be a compromise. But it may be good enough for your purposes.

I purchased an Epson Perfection 4990 Photo scanner about a year ago and have been very pleased with it. I bought this model as it can scan both prints and negatives of various sizes - and I have a mixture from 5x4 to 35mm and it can cope with all of these. But it was fairly expensive.


As to printers - black/white laserjets are great. As for colour printers I hate the bloody things. You can get good quality with the more expensive inkjet printers but unless you use them regularly the ink dries out. The ink will cost you a damn site more than the printer over time. Colour lasers are not really up to good colour photographs as yet. Basically it has to be an inkjet of some kind unless you have a pile of money to lash out on a really high quality job. I have an Epson Stylus Photo 870 which is a couple of years old. They bring new models out almost every month but they are much the same as one another. Check out the number of dots per inch - generally speaking the more the better but only if you are going to use the high definition settings.

For holiday snaps the little printers which take small sheets of paper and you can just plug the memory card into them are fine - I use one of those with a small digital camera. Quick and easy to use but you can't produce larger prints on them. The colour is pretty good generally but you have to be a bit careful with the paper you use - I have found that some of the cheaper stuff gets jammed in the works!

I hope this helps a bit but I am sure you will get plenty of people with different views on this topic.



12th February 2007, 02:19
Thanks for the info me hearties , i'll check out the ones mentioned. Cheers. Ken.

12th February 2007, 02:19
Quite right, Brian, the whole thing in a nutshell. You get what you pay for.
I have never found a printer or scanner or combined that does is all.
I have had to get a scanner, two combined, plus two printers and a
photo printer. And the paper and ink is a nightmare as far as cost goes.
I expect others have had more success, but I have always found the
cheap substitute inks to be a no-no, never print as good, and ruins
the printer. It all depends what you want them to do, and that is
down to reading masses of specifications as to dpi and speed of
print, let alone storage space for scans and/or digital images.
If I was to look for a good all in one, then I would say the best,
I have one, is the latest Lexmark P4330 or similar latest number.
It is a good printer, and the scanner works very well - just needs
a bit of handling on the computer. And - make sure you have
the right and dry paper for printing. gigo - garbage in, garbage out.
Best of Luck, Raymond

12th February 2007, 13:33
things have changed a lot in recent times. I have used Epson ever since I got into computers a while back now and have had no real problems. Each one has given good service for several years. My current one is an all in one and is excellent. It's a RX630 and uses six colour cartridges which can be bought quite cheaply if you look around. Just make sure that they are manufactured to the standards of the originals i.e. ISO14001 and you'll have no problems. It scans negatives and slides as well as the usual prints, books etc. It doesn't need to be used with the computer but you have more fine control if you do. It has multiple slots for most memory cards plus an USB port. It has a small preview screen which gives you all the instructions and options so there is very little it will not do. Best way to decide is go to a reputable supplier and asked to see various ones working and note the results. Also ask for the cost of consumables recommended for that brand and model plus print times as the biggest problem when comparing is that all the different manufacturers seem to use different standards.

John Rogers
12th February 2007, 13:46
I use a HP scanner and a canon printer with good results and I also use the stand-alone color photo printer (Picture Mate) by Epson, also does a good job.

allan besant
12th February 2007, 17:10
I have an EPSON rx620 it does slides and negs, excellent printing quality. It was pricey but I get a lot of enjoyment using it.---------Allan.

12th February 2007, 18:24
Hi Ken,
If I were you I'd go for an all in one model. It really isn't worth getting separates unless you're after extremely high quality prints or scans. All in ones give a great scan and print quality these days anyway. Regarding cost, by the the time the all in one breaks it'd be easier and quicker to buy a whole new unit that would be more up to date and possibly smaller than separate units.
Personally I've always found Epson, HP and Canon to be good.

J Boyde
13th February 2007, 08:41
I have an EPSON STYLUS Photo RX650. Have had it for a while and whilst it was expensive it has payed its way. I wanted it for slides and general printing, and I keep finding other things that it can do. It is fairly big.
Jim B

Jan Hendrik
13th February 2007, 09:21
I would suggest any slimline middle priced scanner ex Canon would be good enough to do your daily work, i.e. scanning anything up to A-4 incl photos and colourprints.

I investigated in another (additional) scanner recently which can do negatives and positives (slides) and very much was 50/50 going on the Epson 4990 (as used by Brian) or the Canon 9950F.
There is very little in between these except that Canon is more expensive but gave me the advantage that 12 slides can be scanned at once and is also faster than the Epson. Then quality wise there seems to be no difference although ratings I have seen show Epson at 9.2 compared to Canon at 9.0. but other ratings gave them both a 9.5 out of 10.....there you go.
I am extremely pleased with the Canon 9950F, you need to set all parameters right from the beginning though and once done, then you are flying.
p.s. both machines are rather bulky, be aware.

David Wilcockson
13th February 2007, 09:37
Has anyone used Brother all-in-ones, & if so could you give your thoughts, as I`ve seen some on offer recently, but not sure which to go for, if any, so would welcome any input. (Fax not needed)

16th February 2007, 21:24
Many thanks for all your kind advice. Cheers. Ken.

16th February 2007, 21:48
Hi Ken,

For printers I've tried HP, Epson and Canon and the Canon are by far the best. The print quality is as good as the others, but the big advantage is that you can see how much ink is left in the cartridges - unlike the other makes. You can get their cartridges refilled at Cartridge World quite cheaply.

As to scanners, the Epson 4490 is much cheaper than the 4990, but does everything I want - and more. It can scan prints, photos, transparencies and even old roll film black & white negatives, which the software converts to positive automatically. Brilliant. But the dust removal option is painfully slow, so it may be worth paying a bit more if you plan to scan a lot of slides.


25th February 2007, 00:04
Brother all in ones....

Gday David, I have a Brother MFC-425CN 'all in one' seems to scan OK...I've been using it for the pics I've been posting on SN....but I am not very impressed with the print quality.

Using the correct ink and paper etc it tends to have faint lines in the prints ... I had a new print head put in under warranty but no change.......and it doesn't do negs or slides...which is why I am looking at this thread....

David Wilcockson
25th February 2007, 23:43
Thanks for that, I think I`ll hang fire on Brothers & look at HP.

15th July 2008, 23:26
Hi Guys,
I have a new computer with Vista, McAfee security, I find that I cannot connect my printer HP photosmart 2575 all in one. It will connect to print only but not fully connect to upload photos to the puter, same problem with my camera cannot fully connect. I think its my security system blocking my efforts, I do not know how to disable it while I add the above items. Any advice welcome, am I correct in assuming its the firewall causing my problem, many thanks.

16th July 2008, 07:00
all in one printer
epson dx 4400

16th July 2008, 08:12
I have been an Epson man from wayback, would not consider a combined unit. I have an Epson Stylus Photo R230 series Printer, and an Epson Perfection 3490 Photo Scanner, both having given great service since purchase. Terence Williams.

16th July 2008, 08:16
I have an Epson Printer and can see how much ink is left. Regards, Terence Williams.

16th July 2008, 08:33
I bought a Canon PIXMA MP130 combined printer/ copier/scanner a couple of years ago and it has performed well.The machine cost $A130 but the latest version is down to about $65.Ink refills cost $6 for black and $9 for colour providing you use a "pirate" non Canon source.
It has had a lot of use including copying the cross word from the daily newspaper so that my partner and I can do it as a competition.
Last one finished makes the morning coffee.

16th July 2008, 14:04
I've seen this sort of discussion on many a forum, indeed asked the same questions my self in the past, so here's my twopennorth for what it's worth.

I have had an Epson 4990 for the past 3 years now. I scan in 'home' mode, 2400dpi, ICE selected, when it takes approx 50 minutes to scan 8 x 35mm slides. This is enough time for me to set it going as I get up in the morning, and switch it off as I leave to go to work an hour later. The file size comes out as between 3.6 and 7.3 Gb each, which allows for cropping etc for projection.

I have had my Pixma 5200 printer, for a couple of years which produces superb 'smack in the eye' quality prints. The first ones I did were of 30 year old slides scanned in and printed with no adjustment / correction.

I certainly can't complain, having said which I only use Canon inks, and if needed for long term display etc only Canon paper. I get the inks from one of the Channel Islands suppliers, either MX2 or 7Dayshop. I would never use 3rd party inks as the formulation, thus the anti-clogging, permanency, drying time, bleeding etc properties are total unknowns.

I too am not in favour of a multi-function device, if one part fails, it's all failed, whereas if my scanner fails at least I can still print ! (What is this thing called fax ?)

Hope this helps ....