24th March 2004, 16:22

23rd November 2006, 16:50
The picture however shows her already converted to the French Line's Liberte...

Keith Adams
23rd November 2006, 18:54
You beat me to it... lovely shot though. Snowy.

24th November 2006, 07:56
As Andy posted her some 2½ years ago as LIBERTE, I checked once again in some old files, this is what came out:

Company:Norddeutsche Lloyd
49,746 tons
936' x 102'
27 knots!!!!! Turbine Quadruple screw
Built Hamburg[Blohm&Voss]
Launched day before her sister BREMEN, but fire delayed her completion for about a year.
Trade:Bremen-Southampton-New York
Several minor differences from BREMEN[Funnels were oval,were as Bremen's were periscoped.Orginallly very squat.]
Funnels later raised 15 ft.-as shown on the 2nd photo,because of smoke nuisance.
1946 Taken over by French, but seriously damaged in gale during reconditioning.
1950 Entered service as LIBERTE-q.v..[C.G.T.]
Refitted and given new style tops to funnels in 1954-q.v.
Sister: BREMEN 1924
Note:1930 Record passage Westbound 29.91 knots.
1st photo shown her before squat funnels were heightened.She and her sister BREMEN were scheduled to be fitted out for the invation of Britain untill this was cancelled.Unknown photographer.
3rd photo Courtesy/© A.Duncan
2nd photo taken in Hamburg.Unknown photographer.

25th November 2006, 17:02
This photo was taken in the locks at Port Talbot in 1951. The other vessel in the lock with "Europa" looks like a "Kelly" boat. I took this from m.v."Farringay".


28th November 2006, 06:42
looks like the freighter Europa to me, Trader. I thoughte we were talking about NDL's Europa of the early 30s...

28th November 2006, 11:02
looks like the freighter Europa to me, Trader.

Ahoy count,
Freighter?? I thought a small coaster from 1947, Dutch built at Tammes 257 BRT, indeed totally misplaced,nothing to compare with the NDL beauty.

15th January 2012, 18:20
EUROPA in two British Pathe Film clips...

Beating her sister BREMEN's crossing in 1930...

Damaged in a storm in France in 1946...

Maiden voyage of LIBERTE, 1950...

Last voyage of LIBERTE, 1961...

I think there may be a lot of liner footage at this site,
which should be great fun to explore!