11th December 2004, 18:37
I have pictured ALISEO at Genoa in the late 1969. The place that you see is
totally changed.I was only fifteen years old and i have lost the identify of
this coaster. I am sure that anyone remember!! Probably my countryman

11th December 2004, 21:05
Like many dockyard areas now given over to the developer with vastly overpriced accommodation in their place.

12th December 2004, 10:21
Most certainly Tanker!

This is very easy for me...

Built 1948-50 by Cantiere A.Blessi Costruzioni Industriali - Trieste (Yard No.4)
1.8.50: LUISA BLESSI: Antonio Blessi, Trieste
21.12.50: LUISA BLESSI: Perseveranza, Armamento e Navigazione S.p.A., Trieste
18.3.57: CARLETTA G.: Emanuele Granara, Savona
1966: ALISEO: Italsarda S.p.A., Genova
1972: MEMPHIS: Cia. de Nav. Memphis S.A., Panama
1972: EMERALD SEA: Sitna Line, Beirut
1974: Sunk for unknown causes whilst proceeding with a cargo of marble South-East of Crete in 33N 2750'E. 4 member of her crew lost.

The very little shipyard Blessi was almost in the middle of Trieste seafront and it lasted only for few years. I remember the LUISA BLESSI under construction when we went strolling along the sea side.

They produced another small coaster, the CAP.PIERO BLESSI (1946)
in 1953 sold to Norway and renamed LOVEN IV, in 1958 VEGSUND.
In 1995 she was still listed in the Lloyd's Register, then she disappeared.
Anybody out there has a photo of her?


28th June 2005, 16:35
Hello Kasteliz, I'm Piero, from Genoa.
Since you seem expert in fate of old ships, maybe you can help me.
I'm looking for the picture of M/V "Bice".
This ship has been launched in Odero Yard of Sestri Ponente (GE) in 1902 as the full rigged ship "Antonio Padre". I tracked her history thru the RINa records, and I find out that she became eventually a motor vessel, that is the "Bice", dismantled in 1981 when owned by Landi & C. of Genoa, but I didn't find any inage of her.
can you help me?