"mayes Brook"

leslie alan
21st February 2007, 22:44
Does anyone have a photograph of the 1947 built barge "MAYES BROOK" either in River Lighterage Co. Ltd ownership or in London & Rochester Trading Co.?

I used to see her about twice a week bringing in coal to the Gasworks Jetty at Southend as a boy and never took a photograph of her.

Thanks for reading this


stan mayes
22nd February 2007, 22:59
Hello Leslie, Memories for me...I was in sailing barges of Goldsmith's of Grays 1936 to 1941 and took many cargoes of coal from colliers at Beckton Gas works to Southend gas works.. If another barge was at the jetty we anchored nearby to await our turn and we tied a large piece of timber to our anchor so we knew its position as the tide ebbed - with the danger of sitting on it.
In THETIS we left Southend on 3rd September 1939 - and sailed over to Queenborough and anchored.. Six hours later I went ashore to see my girlfriend Eileen,her father owned the Castle Inn..Only then did I learn that war had been declared as we left Southend
I should have realised it as we saw many warships leaving the Medway and their bases of Chatham and Sheerness..
Sailing barges were replaced by MAYESBROOK and WALBROOK in the coal trade to Southend gas works...

leslie alan
2nd March 2007, 20:08
Stan, Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my request. The old Gasworks jetty, which stretched over the road has been gone for nearly 40 years now. In the last years, the visits of the WALL BROOK, BEVERLEY BROOK and MAYES BROOK were carried out by the latter only; but occasionally supplemented by the SERVIC and GAZELLE. It is hard toappreciate that there was an active fleet of barges owned and operated out of Southend. Happy Days!, Leslie

Julian Oliver
13th May 2014, 18:15
Hi Guys
I sailed aboard both the Mayes & Beverley Brooks between 1961 & 1963. I do have a couple of old pix if anyone is interested?