Engine-room fines.

Ali Bain
22nd February 2007, 14:15
When I went deep sea one of the many unique customs which surprised me was the “fine” system down the engine-room, not only on steam ships but on the motor jobs as well I believe.
Many of the chief’s and seconds I sailed with could vouch for a false start on the main engine costing them a case of beer every time when they were down on stand by. These were obviously steam men doing their motor time.
Bad bunch these motor men..!!!

Birthdays were always good for at least a case, maybe even two.

Promotion was another obvious and fair one which was usually barrels more than cases.

An epaulette on the wrong shoulder was another favourite and I think just about everyone got caught out on that one at some time or another.

Going back on the menu, i.e. having the main course and then deciding to have the starter.

Lifting the safety valve on any of the main boilers, even if it was the donkeyman, the senior of the watch had to cough up.

When the main engine rev counter clicked back to zero.

I am sure there were many others.
Ali. Bain.

22nd February 2007, 15:22
Dropping parts or tools on a major or genny. Not putting the job to bed properly on UMS. Overflowing the daily cylinder oil tank on M boats. I don't know in other companies, but in Blue Funnel a person who had a birthday invited everyone to a free bar and picked up the tab.



22nd February 2007, 15:42
How do epaulettes end up on the wrong shoulder, mine were always ambidextrous !

Ali Bain
22nd February 2007, 16:13
With the Benline ones it was easy to mix them up if you were third mate or above or fourth engineer or above.. You had to have the the top bar of the ring facing back and not forwards. I have a photograph on the site showing this. Royal Navy type braid but thinner.
Regards-Ali. Bain.