Looking for Harry Valentine

Wendy Valentine
23rd February 2007, 07:16
Do any of you seafarers remember my half-brother, Harry Frank Valentine, who served on the Queen Elizabeth in WW2 as a hospital attendant and as a Steward and Cook after the war on the Port Fremantle, Bulolo, Port Brisbane and Port Vindex?

Its getting to be a while ago but I've searching for him for nearly 20 years now. If you can help solve the mystery, I'll be very grateful.

Wendy Valentine

non descript
23rd February 2007, 07:49
Wendy, firstly a warm welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy the experience and it leads you a successful conclusion of your search. Whilst you have quite correctly placed your first posting in the "hello" section, in this instance it seems kind and helpful to move it across to Crew Members where maybe we can get more hits and a possible result. In any event, welcome aboard and enjoy all the site has to offer. Bon Voyage.