a salvage by H.M.S MOHAWK

yorky jim
27th February 2007, 18:54
While i was on H.M.S MOHAWK,we were called to help a ship that had a fire on board.
i have looked over the W.W.W and found nothing about the incident,it was around 1969 i think .
I remember it being in the papers ,as my folks told me.
is there any one out there who can let me know more of that night,i was stuck down the tiller flat most of the time ,and missed what was going on the upper deck.

Jim S
27th February 2007, 20:22
Have you tried the "Navy News" website - there is an "Archive" section that might come up with the goods. I tried it a short while ago but the browser timed out. You might have better luck if your m/c is quicker than mine.

24th November 2011, 21:08
Hello Jim
After putting HMS Mohawk in goggle I went to the www.hmsmohawk.org.uk/ to have a look around and found out that Steve Race the CMEM had passed away in 2004. I was on the Mohawk from Aug 1967 till July 1972, my part of ship was auto controls, but you should remember the chief stoker. Steve did like his pint and that is the reason I can tell you the name of the ship. I will always remember the night of the rescue; The Mohawk arrived on scene with the tanker well ablaze. Other smaller boats had got the crew off and the Mo set about collecting them all up. All the messes were allocated a number of survivors to entertain while we took them ashore. The only problem was no one could speak Norwegian in our mess. This didn't deter Steve he got on with giving them pints and very soon the mess was going like a song. Everyone was nattering away but I doubt if there was anything being understood.
The oil tanker was called the Sitikund enter mv sitikund into google and the first item Stationhistory will give you the lifeboats story of the event. The date of the rescue was 20th October 1968.
Best regards Alan

yorky jim
25th November 2011, 17:28
Hi Alan

Many thank for your posting , it appears you were on board ,all the time i was on her .
One [blue card job]i had was in the senior rates dining hall all the time we were WIGS .