s.s. Adrastus convoy collision.

Hugh Ferguson
28th February 2007, 21:50
This is a photograph I have just received from the sister of Peter Edwards.
Peter was a first trip middy in this ship which departed Liverpool in convoy in December 1943. Peter and I had been school-mates and we both expected to be sailing together in the Adrastus, bound St. John N.B.. However, I was unable to join on account of illness but, surprisingly, we were destined to sail together in the Empire Capulet on our second voyages, departing Newport, August 1944.
After the collision the Adrastus was dry-docked in St. John,where Peter himself was obliged to go into dry-dock to have some repairs done after slipping on ice and falling into the same dock his ship was in! (I wonder if anyone can tell me which ship the Adrastus collided with)?
Our first port in the Empire Capulet was St. John N.B., so Peter having got to know that port quite well during his prolonged stay, knew his way around there pretty well and it would not be an exaggeration to say that that short stay was the only enjoyable thing that happened to us during the ensueing 17 months.
Sad to say, my old school-mate and ship-mate died in Canada on 19th Feb. 1996.