RFA retirements

28th February 2007, 21:48
I understand RFA's Brambleleaf and Oakleaf are for the chop. Brambleleaf arrived at Portsmouth in Febraury and is about to be moved into the lay-up basin. I've heard Oakleaf will join her in March. Does anyone have any more concrete information?

1st March 2007, 06:07
Brambleleaf was moved to 4 basin yesterday (28/02) and Grey Rover was moved alongside her. I have been told Oakleaf will be laid up "In the next two weeks", she was up in Scotland the other day but I assume she will come south soon. By the way where is Fort Rosalie at the moment???
Rgds Neill

1st March 2007, 14:35
Just been reading your interesting information about the Brambeleaf and
Oakleaf. I have noticed recently that the Certificates of Compliance expire
in 2007 for both ships, so expected something might happen to them.
Seems a shame that the Ministry of Defence are making so many cuts in
the ships!

Best wishes

1st March 2007, 14:42
They are single hull, so it was only a matter of time before they would have to be laid up. Even though the MoD doesn't have to follow the laws regarding single hull ships being banned, there was mounting pressure on them to do something about it

1st March 2007, 18:34
The trouble is with both Brambleleaf and Oakleaf going, the former was due to retire in 2009 and the latter in 2010, we have only the Orangeleaf (retires 2009) left in this part of the world and the Bayleaf which recently finished her refit in Singapore last October and we shall probably never see her again over here. I do not really understand what our powers that be are thinking. What happened to the MARS project? Where has that gone? Or is it another one of those things that we actually do not need it now so we will just delay it for a while!
People say what we we need is another war, we have two going so why do we need another one to supposedly wake our Government up, nothing will, the Afghan and Iraq conflicts/Wars are takin all of our budget and the overuns on other projects (Eurofighter, I love the thing but do we need an ADF these days?) are taking all the cash. Just rebuild a capable naval force with a good ground attack air capability, oh yes and some form of Air defence ships!
Makes yer blood boil!!!!!!!!
Rgds Neill

Oh yes by the way although the aforementioned tankers are single hull they do pretend to be double hull by filling the outer tanks with water (most of the time) so we are normally compliant with the rules.

1st March 2007, 19:52
Oakleaf is due in Portsmouth on 12 March. Reckon that's the end of her and as with Brambleleaf, I anticipate it will all be done on the quiet.

2nd March 2007, 06:33
Ta I will get my hankerchief out now
Rgds Neill

2nd March 2007, 11:09
Where does the Bayleaf fit into all this? I know she not been in UK waters for some time now but will she not be in the same position as her sisterships?

2nd March 2007, 17:52
Hi Wigger, I understand that the Bayleaf which has just completed her refit in Singapore will be retired by 2010
and rumours are she will be sold to "Oriental Interests" as she is only single hull, mind you the Canadian Navy with their recent announcement of the withdrawl of the two remaining "Provider Class" admit they will be without a refuelling at sea capability for two years until the newly ordered ships are available (assuming on time). Mmmmmmmmmm!
Rgds Neill