Scorpio and Sudero

donald mckay
2nd March 2007, 20:34
Can any one give me any information regarding these two Grimsby great liners both of which were wrecked in the 1900s around Sarclet Head near Wick
I have no info other than a couple of newspaper cuttings
many thanks

wully farquhar
2nd March 2007, 22:01
Donald,You will probably have this info from your cuttings,the Scorpio stranded 27/09/1907 floated of and sunk,built in 1887 iron145gt Capt.Porter Sudero stranded 30/04/1903 skippers name was Bull.There was another that went ashore at Sarclet Head,she was named Janet wrecked 19/06/1824.
That info came out of a book that i have Donald but i don't know how accurate it is.

donald mckay
3rd March 2007, 08:58
Thanks for that Wully Aye I have most of it but I was looking foe owners etc The receivers of wreck book in Wick doesnt go that far back so thats why the appeal I was hoping for a pic as well but thats pushing my luck !!!!!!!! The cuttings are on which Erik updated the other night

3rd March 2007, 12:23
That Sarclet site's very interesting Donald, thanks.