Port St John

Doug H
14th February 2005, 02:25
Pic taken from aboard the Port Fairy, New York, October 1957
Doug H

14th February 2005, 16:30
Hi Doug, I was deckboy aboard the "Port Saint John" in 1947. OK if I 'lift' the picture?

No offence taken if not OK..........thanks, Peter

Doug H
14th February 2005, 23:51
Dear Peter (OldBosun), I'm delighted that it's good nostalgia for you. Download for yourself for sure.

Doug H
14th February 2005, 23:53
John 236 - Thanks for the background info on Port Saint John - Doug H (the other other Doug)!

Doug H
15th February 2005, 00:09
Now will try to send my original (228 Kb) and Ron's amendment (49 Kb) - if only one is accepted, I bet it's Ron's! - Doug H

I was right, the system came back and told me my original was too large - OldBosun: If it's any help, my original picture is also on the mnnostalgia site and you might like to visit this anyway, go to www.mnnostalgia.com and then click on "Port Line" on the left column, which is a fairly new addition to that site. Kind regards, Doug H.

15th February 2005, 08:52
go to www.mnnostalgia.com and then click on "Port Line" on the left column, which is a fairly new addition to that site.
Is the PORT INVERCARGILL still listed as PORT INVERNESS on that Site? :rolleyes:

23rd February 2005, 14:51
At the beginning of threads PORT ST JOHN i see my B/w pic of ANGELIKI.
what happened?

Doug H
23rd February 2005, 23:05
Sorry Tanker, I don't understand your message - Doug H

24th February 2005, 10:10
Probably the motive is the crasch of the hardisk of the last days, but at the beginning of thread i see my pic of ANGELIKI and not PORT ST JOHN !!!!!.

Doug H
24th February 2005, 22:40
I think you're suffering from a problem that Steve has just explained. See "massive hardware crash" entry earlier today. Doug H

25th February 2005, 10:00
Thanks ,now all is OK.

16th October 2012, 05:01
Hi I joined the Port Saint John in Sydney in March, 1949 as a Pantry Boy in order to work my way to the UK to visit relatives in England and Wales. I did the MANZ Line trip to Montreal and back to Sydney
We had hit a hurricane in the Atlantic and it was decided to put the ship in Dry Dock to effect repairs so I left the ship for eight weeks, then rejoined as Deck Boy for the ship's return to the UK
I stayed in the UK for three months, then joined the Port Wyndham to work by as Galley Boy, then stayed on as SOS for the journey to Sydney. Ron H