Port Auckland

K urgess
9th March 2007, 23:10
Found tucked into the back of "Ship Construction for Marine Engineers" volume 5 in Reed's practical mathematics series bought at auction last weekend.

A memo copied to the Pensions Department, Mr Kemp, Dock office,
File, Master, Chief Engineer, Crew Department, City Office from the Technical Department ref MJS/PA dated 12.2.68

This was the Chief Engineer's copy since there is a tick against that recipient.

Voyage 39
M.V. Port Auckland
Deep Sea Articles
Glasgow - 13th February, 1968

Chief Engineer............I.F. Ainsworth
Senior 2nd Engineer....J. Crimmings
Junior 2nd Engineer.....B. I. Aston
Senior 3rd Engineer.....P. H. Dally
Junior 3rd Engineer.....G. Mosley
Senior 4th Engineer....T. Cunningham
Junior 4th Engineer.....
5th Engineer..............E. H. Kelly
6th Engineer..............M. Roper
Junior Engineer...........B. J. Black
Chief Refrig. Engineer...K. W. Geere
2nd Refrig. Engineer.....R. W. Delmar
Chief Electrician..........S. Bungay
2nd Electrician............R. W. Bloxham
Apprentice.................R. W. F. Thomson
Repat. N.Z.
Chief Electrician..........P.W. McArthur

Against each name, except the Chief's and the apprentice's, is a note of salary.

10th March 2007, 00:20
I wonder if any of these folks are members of the site Kris?


K urgess
10th March 2007, 01:05

Hopefully we'll find out. We seem to have a good Port Line membership. I sailed on the Townsville in 68/69 but not with any of these.

In which case, if they've forgotten, I'll be able to tell them how much they were earning in 1968.


18th September 2007, 11:14
Just opened this site, Ian Ainsworth the C/E and I bunked together at the Merchant Navy Officiers Club while doing our seconds at Stow college. In fact I talked him into joining Port Line where he stayed till the end . Good bloke from Wairoa NZ.

Hugh Ferguson
23rd September 2007, 17:28
See PORT QUEBEC file for some details on voyage 38 of the PORT AUCKLAND.
Sorry if I've caused confusion. I got the names mixed up!

23rd September 2007, 19:29
Ian Ainsworth and family were our close neighbours when we lived near Lampeter in mid-Wales during the 1970's. We had both moved to this delightful region about the same time and had lots in common as seafarers. We used to chat regularly about time and experiences in Port Line. I was then working for Esso Marine UK having left Port Line in 1967. Sadly he contracted asbestosis and died in the latter 1970's.

Regards, Chris Allport

26th September 2007, 12:02
Chris .Thanks for that info about Ian last time I saw him was somewhere in the late 60s in Melbourne and I think it was on the Port Alfred, I was in the Union Co. in those days. I have some recollection that we met on the Port Auckland in Auckland and she had just done a 25 year refit which would put it about 1973 or there abouts. She was still a fine looking ship. Don't make them like that these days. Shows I'm getting old!!
regards Peter Kiddell.

26th September 2007, 15:20
I sailed with Ian twice once on the Nicholson and again on the Chalmers, a great bloke. I remember that he was always keen on "Bar Rugby".

Dick Grenville

Vindi Phil
3rd October 2007, 17:23
I sailed on the "Port Auckland" in 1962 and considered her to be the unhappiest "Port Boat" of my time. I was one of only two Englishmen on deck with the rest being from the Stornaway region and we were cut off from them all. Whenever we were around they reverted to Gaelic and we asked to be put together in the same watch after just three days into the ship.
Vindi Phil.

PollY Anna
3rd October 2007, 19:18
Vindi Phil

I had the same trouble with that sort of thing with guys from that region on one of General Steam's Also my first trip deck boy the Bosun was from that area he was also a problem for us 4 deck boys. Must be something to do with the water!!!!!

Regards Ron

25th December 2007, 11:10
reminds me of when i was a deck boy...a storno bosun..who once fought terry downes as a professional boxer..used me as a punch bag for 5 months..this on a bp tanker he the bosun was ex blue star...always remember one day he was drunk and picked on a tiny ab.. well this greaser wasnt having any of this and gave him a right beating...he was my hero then..paying off at the isle of grain the bully bosun was on the coach with the company men..i looked at him and gave him a 2 fingered salute..glad i never met him again..but will never forget him...z

25th December 2007, 19:27
Same thing happened to me on Enugu Palm,was jos, my mate first trip EDH,bosun right **** when drunk, always picked on us, gave us a few clouts,our time would come.Paid of in Amsterdam he was well pissed when we got to airport,was giving us a hard time,when he went to the toilet we gave him a bloody good beating, he didn't make the flight.Never ever saw him again,always hoped i would meet up again later, when i did a few more palm boats,older and bigger and wiser, would have given him another one as soon as i saw him.Shame how one man can f--k up a trip.(Hippy)

30th December 2007, 03:48
I was only a school boy when both the Port Auckland and the Port Brisbane made their maiden voyages to Auckland in 1949/50. the latter had a slightly more streamlined superstucture but both ships wowed ship watchers like me and stood out in sharp contrast to the older inter war year steamers still on the UK/NZ run with their sharp vertical bows and overhanging counter sterns.
Some one mentions Stornaway crewmen, I later sailed on the Rangitane with two or three of the ship's four electricians being from there, all nice blokes, I seem to remember that the NZ Shipping Co employed many 'Leckies' from Stornaway, did they run a sponsorship?
My biggest difficulty on my very first engine room watch was to be shown the ropes by a Scot from Banff. I could not understand a word he said and learnt every thing by watching and copying like a monkey! He had a real brogue and his mother posted him the Gallic newspapers from home.
It was a 'cosmopolitan' engine room staff with Scots, Geordies, a Cornishman, a Scouse, a Taffy and Cockneys among them so I learnt to understand a lot of accents on that voyage.

7th February 2010, 12:35
Sailed on the Port Auckland in 1964 as Catering boy, nothing but happy memories out through Suez and home via the Panama.

Glen Thomas
5th August 2010, 00:11
In April and May '76 she discharged all around the med, then to Avonmouth to be stripped of company items and stores. Sailed 9th June 76 for Port Said, then direct to Singapore. She was 28 days at anchor before going to the Keppel Shipyard to be converted to a sheep carrier. I left on 6th August. The idea was to carry 25,000 sheep from Australia to the Persian Gulf port (Kuwait). In fact under her new Kuwaiti owners she almost got to Kuwait, and was then diverted to the Med to discharge at Beirut, resulting in a lot of sheep deaths. Not a successful trip. I do not think she lasted long after that.

7th September 2010, 14:11
Sailed on the Port Auckland as 6/E during 1961/62 when she made her initial visit to Auckland in October 1961 and had the local VIP's on board. Also the first vessel to berth at the new wharf at Piction. Great ship, great twin Doxford engines at that time. Last saw her in Fremantle as a live sheep carrier in 1979.
Jim Muir

jon b
29th May 2011, 06:27
sailed on the auckland as deck boy 75 went to the medditeranean then came back for the second trip and she got caught up in meat workers strike in bluff we stayed there three weeks didnt load a thing lost the order and that was the second trip to the meddi joined the port alfred after that

12th August 2011, 06:50
I am after information about my Dad that i have never met.
I only have his name Which is John Jackson.
My Mum said that he was on the Port Auckland an dteh Haurakai
She meet him in NZ Port Chalmers.
I have never met him ANd I am not sure he wants too but I need some medical infromation.
If you ahev any idea coukd yu please let me know or if you know anyone that might have sailed with him that would be great.
Hope you can help.

I was born 1966 and he was 19 so i ws told

Thomas Hinton
11th October 2011, 20:20
Sailed on the Port Auckland in 1964 as Catering boy, nothing but happy memories out through Suez and home via the Panama.

Hi Alan, do you remember my father on the Port Auckland he was the chief chef Harry Hinton, being in the catering section you might remember him, like you he loved that ship and spent many years on board her. Regards Tom Hinton

Hugh Ferguson
11th October 2011, 20:52
I happen, by pure chance, to own Andy McClounan's log book of his entire career in Port Line.
His last command before retiring was the Port Auckland-he was there from Voy.35 to 38. (2nd Ap.1966 to 8th Jan.1968).
Many names are listed and the occasional revealing comment is made!

27th October 2011, 11:35
Jim - I think you are mistaken about her first visit to Auckland, because I was on a previous voyage which arrived in Auckland 1960. The Auckland Harbour Bridge had been open just about 1 year. We had come across from Sydney, where we were berthed during the running of the 100th Melbourne Cup so that will date it for sure. I only did that one trip on her, and went ashore in London for good about March 1961. As a Junior Engineer, though I had served my apprenticeship beforehand, I always reckon I started to learn Engineering when I went to sea! And the Port Auckland was a very happy ship during that voyage.
Tough but happy days.

13th September 2012, 16:18
Hi Alan, do you remember my father on the Port Auckland he was the chief chef Harry Hinton, being in the catering section you might remember him, like you he loved that ship and spent many years on board her. Regards Tom Hinton
Hi Tom, Sorry to say I can,t remember if your dad was the chef at the time I sailed in her. Only remember Les Hill, Jimmy and Mick, stewards and Joe (Phoebe) the barman. happy days.

5th June 2014, 12:22
Hi, I'm a new member on here, having just registered in order to try and find any old friends or information for my dad, Angus Stuart (known as Stuart) Herbert, born 1934 from Liverpool.
He served as an engineer with Port Line in the 50's and 60's and I recall most fondness for his time on the Port Auckland.
Does anyone remember him or have any photos of the ship?
Would love to present him with a framed painting of the Port Auckland for his 80th birthday later this year.
We did see one in an antique shop in Plymouth many years ago, but when we went back to get it, it had gone, and he always wishes he'd bought it that day!
Many thanks,
Stuarts Daughter (Fiona)

5th June 2014, 12:33
Hope this helps

Reef Knot
5th June 2014, 20:59
Wow! Nice picture! That is sure to make someone happy! (Thumb)