Hello from Terry Butler

15th February 2005, 00:19
Hello friends I'm glad to meet you and will look forward to chatting with you now that i have finally been accepted , Phew what an experience, I was beginning to think that I had blown up the webpage but all's well that ends well, see you around folk Tell

Doug Rogers
15th February 2005, 00:40
Welcome Tell, sorry it was a daunting experience for u but a few others have been thru the same in the past days...anyway the site is up and hopefully will be as (and probably better) good as new soon.
Other Doug

15th February 2005, 12:15
Yes indeed.Welcome and enjoy our happy band!!

15th February 2005, 18:24
Welcome aboard, Tell. You picked a great time to join - so it was all your fault, eh???

15th February 2005, 18:27
ever so knowledgable and helpful.
What??? Us??? :p :D

16th February 2005, 01:15
I know you're having me on ,I can tell lol