Margory Glen

10th March 2007, 13:53
This wreck lies on the Southern Entrance to Rio Gallegas in Argentina. I used to see it clearly coming up the inside passage to the port - she was an eerie sight on a moonlit night.

Good link to her and other wrecks here:

You can also see her on Google satellite.

10th March 2007, 21:53
I remember seeing that wreck. I was working out of Rio Gallegos on a anchor handling tug in 1978. The locals told us the story of it going aground after catching fire otherwise very little was known, I didn't even know it's name. As you quite rightly say it was a very eerie sight on a moonlit night especially as the background lighting along that stretch of coast was (maybe still is) very limited. One thing though, I'm sure back in 1978 it still had at least two masts still standing.
Ray Jordan

11th March 2007, 10:48
I think you're right about the masts. Shortly before leaving Rio Gallegas I got a lift out to the wreck site and I think I remember bits of rigging adhearing to the masts.