10th March 2007, 20:51
On sea trials 5,465 g.t. built at the Belfast shipy.of HArland & Wolff 1956, she had a sister ONDO.

13th March 2007, 10:59
Thanks for pic of OTI, this was my first E D ship, I was AB on her . I think the old man was Capt.Munro a true gent. We evacuated 120 souls from Sapele to lagos at the start of the Biafran war,

14th March 2007, 00:00
Did a six month trip on her in the early sixties as an engineer. UK-West Africa-USA-West Africa-Hamburg. Happy time good ship!

Roger Turner
23rd March 2007, 21:49
m.v. "Oti"
Yes she was a happy ship did 3 Foreign trips on her as A/Purser and one Home Trade, looking through my discharge book 30/6/60 Tilbury -21/9/60 Liverpool Capt W.B.R (Bertie) Bryan (Kept everybody entertained) 19/10/60 Liverpool -25/3/61 Liverpool, Capt F.O.Creswell (He kept everybody entertained) 1/4/61-4/4/61 (HT Capt Jack Everall) 25/4/61 Rotterdam-8/11/61 Tilbury (Capt J.S.McKeen) I seem to remember the "Oti" had a bit of history thereafter perhaps someone will tell the story?(As a by-the-by the train journey Lime Street-Harwich to get to Rotterdam was an all day marathon - I`m sure it would have been quicker by sea!)

24th March 2007, 00:39

Ithink the ship with the history was Oti's sister ship Ondo lost at the entrance to the Elbe. The full story is on http://ondo.sea-rescue.de/startseite_en.php


Roger Turner
25th March 2007, 22:19
I`m sure you are correct, just had a look at the site for the "Ondo" - it`s fearsome reading even now!

stan mayes
25th March 2007, 23:48
OTI did have a history..I was employed on that ship as a rigger and at 7am on 10th May 1957 we were topping derricks at aft end of No2. When the derrick was high enough a chain stopper was put on the topping lift in preparation for securing the lift to bits situated under the drum end..[ In OTI the bits were mini bollards ] As the lift was eased on the drumend the chain stopper failed to grip the wire and the derrick crashed to the deck...
The rigger who had charge of the topping lift on the drum end was young Norman Elvin of Tilbury - not long married -and a bight of wire through him accross the deck where he struck his head on a plate edge causing a serious injury..
The winches were situated on islands on OTI..and seeing the derrick coming down over my head I jumped down to the foredeck - about ten feet...
Walking along the quay at this time and witnessing the accident was Captain Work the Boss of West African Terminals..He hurried aboard shouting instructions to phone for an ambulance,towels etc..
He removed his shirt and used it around Norman's head but sadly he died as the ambulance arrived..
The links in the chain stopper were too large and did not bite into the wire..
On her return to Tilbury we were told that a derrick had come down while logs were being loaded at Lagos and two krooboys had been killed..
Again some months later we heard of a fatal accident on OTI in a drydock...and one of SN members says she was a happy ship!!!

25th March 2007, 23:57
I never heard of these incidents all the time I was with Elders. It proves that India Buildings wanted things like this kept quiet, which in a way is understandable. Another incident on the Degema where the mate and an AB were lost overboard got the same treatment, I only heard the full story of that comparitively recently.


27th March 2007, 14:34
I also sailed in OTI from dec 66 to June 67 (a states trip) as Purser. I had before today not heard of any of these incidents.

Incidently I sailed with Roger Turner as a writer, unfortunately I cannot remember which ship. Anyway best regards nice to see your name again.

30th March 2007, 23:15
Sailed on the Oti in '66.
Had 2 crew killed while overhauling derricks.
Will see if I can find any photos to put in the gallery.
John M.