British Statesman

ian d.cameron
11th March 2007, 13:02
Hi all.
I've recently received my late uncles details from kew, with the help of good people i managed to get photos of his ships, but dose anyone out there know if there is a photo of the British Statesman anywhere on the net.
Billy McGee has sent me negitive numbers that are in NMM and i am waiting for a reply so i know i'll get one that way if i have to but i am told they cost a bomb. she was built in 1923 by laing, deptford. off No: 146686.
regards. Ian

11th March 2007, 13:47
Ahoy Ian,
Here the STATESMAN 1923,haven't a clue where this shot came from,so can't credit her,so here for free!

ian d.cameron
11th March 2007, 13:59
cheers ruud. your a hero. i knew i could count on someone out there in merchant navy site land.
regards. Ian

11th March 2007, 17:11
SS British Statesman 7121 tons. Built 01/1923 by Sir J Laing & Sons Ltd, Sunderland. 440.3 x 57.1 x 33.1. 2 steam turbines DR geared to one screw shaft. 3 single ended boilers at 200 psi. Boilers built by G Clark Ltd Sunderland. DF, ESD. Code flags GJNR. British flag, registered London. 2 decks. Machinery aft. Owned by British Tanker Co;

ian d.cameron
11th March 2007, 18:09
thanks for the info r58484956. i've copied all down.

11th December 2015, 10:59
I know this thread happened ages ago but I just wanted to post a thank you for the picture also. My Granddad worked on the British Statesman in 1941. I'm trying to collect as many pictures and info as I can from the information in his certificate of discharge book. This is the first picture, so I am very grateful. Janna

11th December 2015, 15:12
Go to where there are 100s of photos of ships