12th March 2007, 15:12
Aviation and Shipping Company.NE England.
I did few months around Indonesia in 1962/63 with Capt. Evans. Ch Steward was from Rothesay. Had to take our professional 3rd mate (ex RN) home as DBS.

Alan G
3rd December 2007, 00:05
Is it the Avisfaith that was owned by the Purvis Shipping Co, I was on her in 66/67 just missed being caught in the, Bitter Lakes when the Isreali war broke out, she was then chartered to Cuba, and we used to take sugar to China, and N.Korea, I think the Capt. was a welshman, was it Euan Davies, had his wife with him, and the Ch St, was a huge obese bloke, ship full of nutters that's for sure.