still cruising ,and carrying the name made famous by past and present ,cunard crews.

peter johnston
14th March 2007, 19:34
just a pic or two .to jog memories of the Tender ,trips when out at anchor.i still she looks great ,this pic was taken off St Peters port ,CI,last august ,and i am happy to say ,that she still has some crew from the old lizzy,mary,franconia and was great to see old faces, from my days on the Queen mary in the 60's .may the crews never be forgotten which made the Cunard name !

11th July 2007, 14:30
dont suppose you no any of the hogans from liverpool, gerry, john, mickey, joey,tony, there me mums brothers.if they were alive now they would be in there late 70s/80s

12th July 2007, 10:17
PJ a nice clear photo of QE2. Well done.