Johnny Maul Personnel Dept Ben Line

Tom S
17th March 2007, 09:39
I see in yesterdays Scotsman that Johnny Maul from the Personnel Department in Ben line has died. He passed away in the Western General In Edinburgh aged 77 I am sure all the seagoing staff will remember Johnny he was the one who always gave us our joining instructions. His father was a Master in Ben Line and lost his life when the Benlomond was torpedoed in 1942 my father was 2nd Mate on the same same ship. It was quite famous as the only survivor was Poon Lim who survived on a raft for 133 days. Johnny went to sea at the start of his career but contracted polio and worked in the office afterwards he was with Ben Line for 45years

28th June 2007, 21:09
I'm sorry to hear about John, i remember him well from my days in Ben Line and he was very helpful to me when I moved on from there.
David T

1st July 2007, 22:04
(Thumb) Something to be appreciated,

Your joining instructions were clear and precise....your airline tickets always there at the desk.....personnel at its best...always knew your name on the phone....always knew your wife and families names....professionals to the core were Ben Line personnel.

It was not until you experienced otherwise that you learned how priceless they were!