Robin Spencer - ex Shell?

18th March 2007, 19:56

I'm looking for Robin Spencer - used to be a Deck Cadet/3rd Mate with Shell. he comes from Harwich, Essex.

I used to be a good friend of his - and I did my time with Silver Line.


Pete Jones

11th January 2008, 00:44
Found him - he's now a surveyor in Houston.

Roger Gerrey
10th March 2009, 17:16
Hi Pete its Roger Gerrey did we start together at Reardon smiths for Silver line in 1972,if so give us a reply. Roger

Jon Vincent
15th March 2009, 00:58
Pete. If you can't find his address, try OCIMF in London as he does all BP Sire vetting inxpections in the gulf region. Rgds Jon Vincent