I'm back

ian jackson
18th February 2005, 15:04
Just to say I've rejoined the site after disappearing into the ether, probably went the site crashed. Short resume ex Brocks 68 to 73??? since then HM Coastguard, name change to MCA, now a Counter Pollution & Salvage officer for the outfit. I remember quite a few of the ex Brocks names on the site and look forward to reading more

michael james
18th February 2005, 18:03
Welcome to the fold one ex Brock to another. Regards Mike James

Doug Rogers
18th February 2005, 22:42
Good to have u back with us, in spite of being transported to the ether u must have had a good GPS fix on the site...enjoy.

18th February 2005, 23:00
Welcome back, Ian.

Marcus Cardew
19th February 2005, 16:27
Hi Ian,
I did some time with Brocks around then.
Did you ever come across a Mate called Erin Jackson?

john g
28th February 2005, 18:42
Erin Jackson yes I sailed with him a couple of times deep sea and on the coast. Think I last saw him at the Brocks reunion in Liverpool way back .Something tells me he was on the ACL box boats at the time....john g

michael james
28th February 2005, 19:16
Erin Jackson, Phil Brand (went to his funeral March 2000),Charlie Draught, Roger Newlands, Owen Pritchard, Barry Shawcross and myself had a mini nostalgic get- together at The Bootle ReUnion. Erin must be retired by now surely, any one have any news ? Mike James