R.Philip Griffin
20th March 2007, 01:31
When I was a 2nd Mate, I had great fun starting the Gyro [Sperry] six to eight hours prior to departure. Then I got into AHSTugs [offshore oil] and found a little Anschutz? which only needed 2 hours. Climbing into helicopters for crew changes, the pilots started their gyros, when they started the engines, 5 minutes before take off!
Can anyone tell me if the aero-type gyros are now fitted in merchant ships, and if not why not? Maybe a member with technical knowledge and expertise could explain.

20th March 2007, 02:07
Not sure if they're a development of the Aero type Gyros, but many of those on ships today are designed so that they need never be switched off. The main exception of course being when they are being serviced by a Qualified Shore based Engineer. Almost all Deep Sea ships these days carry 2 Gyros, I've also been on a large tanker where we had 3, redundancy being the name of the game!
Naturally, all you have to do with most of them is tell them where they (roughly) are in the world, but today the Gyros also have inputs from the GPS.
This does of course mean that when you lose the GPS signal, it all "falls over", to a veritable symphony of alarms!

20th March 2007, 08:46
seem to remember leaving the Sperrys and Browns running and only stopping them if the pots needed topping-up or they fell over at sea!! Apart from that maybe once a month or so general maintenance when I had time in port. Redundancy Jim? For that read 'magnetic compass' !!