Keyboard Crash

julian anstis
19th February 2005, 10:16
Came across a problem I had not encountered before whilst using my computer, that you may also experience at some time.

Whilst using, I found that I was having problems with the keyboard in as much as everything had slowed down, in particular was the DELETE key. If you held the key down and tried to delete it would only delete a single letter or two. If you repeatedly tapped it or held it down it would delete a couple of letter's and after a 7/8 second pause would race through deleting stuff that was not neccesary. Keyboard problems I thought, so cleaned out the keyboard to no effect.
After making some enquiries I was told that I was running short on high end memory, and that if I did not rectify this soon the rest of the computer would follow suite.
No problem.........To rectify this go into START menu (windows xp) then CONTROL PANEL and then ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMES.
Now start uninstalling all the programes you do not use or need...It will tell you which ones are not used on a regular basis.
"DUMP THEM" ...we are all guilty of hoarding stuff that might come in handy later, but apparentley computer's take a dislike to all this junk and start throwing tantrum's.
After dumping RE-BOOT and you have an instant remedy!

Hope this might help some of you out in the future should you come across the same or similar problem.

julian anstis
19th February 2005, 10:37
That's it rub salt in the wound Ron.......

No to be fair ...I did do a disk clean up and a defrag as well after your posting
but its a bit like your old photos hang on to them we might be able to use them one day..............

david smith
19th February 2005, 10:42
Get another keyboard - if problem still exists run a virus check and think about replacing the motherboard or even computer. Backup now!

julian anstis
19th February 2005, 11:07
Problem seems to be rectified since
I always have antivirus running (not Norton) and also scan from boot on a regular basis. Backup's are also constant

Doug Rogers
19th February 2005, 22:30
And dont eat breakfast, lunch and dinner all over the keyboard because I agree with Ron, some things in particular need thing I have found for cleaning keyboard is an air jet spray..aresol can with high pressure air..generally does a good job..any electronics store carry them.