Hello to all.

Derek Roger
19th February 2005, 12:27
Hi ; any ex Brocks around ??

michael james
19th February 2005, 16:31
Speak for yourself Ron I`m only half here half the time. Welcome Derek.
Michael James 2nd Mate X Brocks

julian anstis
19th February 2005, 17:19
Hi Derek nice to have you aboard,

Brocks you must be joking!...........they are like the mafia on here, everywhere you turn there is a Brocky lingering in the shadows.........

Better save face and say that they are a great bunch of guy's though :rolleyes:
Watch out for their ringleader though from tother side of the wall.......

Hope you have as much fun as we do on here

Doug Rogers
19th February 2005, 22:26
Welcome Derek, more grist to the mill...enjoy.

4th December 2009, 21:42
Hi Derek,
Long time no hear, I was up in Strathpeffer seeing Aly Bain and Phil Cunninham on Wednesday and he did not fall of his stool this time. I met him at the bar and did not recognise him to start with as he now wears glasses.But we soon got back to the Old Days in Aberdeen. It was a great show.