You Tube

22nd March 2007, 21:03
I am treading here carefully not knowing if this web site has been raised here before. But recently I have been looking about there and have found some interesting video clips of various maritime interests.

There are some real good clips of the steam tug Challenge and some others taking in the engine room of a modern motor ship(cant remember her name)

Sadly so far I have not seen a Doxford but there were only steam driven video cameras about in those days and the chief would not waste steam.

But it is well worth the visit.

22nd March 2007, 23:32
Raybnz, it has been mentioned before and members have posted the URL to some interesting areas, which were of interest to us all.

23rd March 2007, 00:11
YouTube is like the Internet in general. Mainly crap with some good stuff if you take the trouble to find it or get lucky. Nothing as useful as google to help you though.

I recommend anyone interested in it to let someone else find the good stuff and post the URLs rather than wasting your own time searching through it though.


PS - have moved this to the Computers and the Internet forum.