24th March 2007, 13:46
end 60 begin 70 a english,scotisch ship was sunk near Boulonge sur me
the cargo was thick steel plate from the former Hoogovens in Velsen ,Holland. the name?Nicolas or Nicolai ? a 3 carcohold coaster,
maybe one of the forum members know someting about this vessel or have a picture,

14th May 2007, 13:39

Was it the Nicolaw?

British coaster Nicolaw, 775 tons, registered in Glasgow, sank in a gale off Boulogne November 1969 after waves had torn away hatch covers. Owners were William Brandts (Leasing) Ltd. of Fenchurch Street, London. The ship was under charter to James Riddell and Son Ltd., of Claremont Street, Glasgow. The captain and the cook were lost with the ship. The captain was said to have given his life-belt to the second mate. The Wreck Commissioner later sought to have Mr. James Murphy, first mate, attend the public inquiry in London as a witness (Murphy lived in Canada) but he refused.

Did a quick Google but didn't see any obvious photos.


14th May 2007, 16:09
Hallo Melliget,
Thanks for the reply,yes this was the schip we take the whole gargo out
steel plates from Hoogovens Velsen Holland,,
again thank you for your help i hope to find a picture of this vessel

14th March 2008, 12:40
Hi Eef,

My father, William Wharton, was the captain of the Nicolaw, and one of the two who lost their lives when she sank. I don't have any pictures but would really like some if anyone finds any. Her previous names were Hangete and Gudnaes.

I heard the cargo was later removed and the ship dismantled or blown up. Were you involved in this? It must have been a major task to unload her under water.

Best regards,