Ss Starstone

24th March 2007, 15:50
Does any person know the the name of the company that owned the SS STARSTONE?, I understand that they owned ships that where named after precious stones, circa1950's

24th March 2007, 16:59
SS Starstone was owned by Alva SS Co Ltd Navigation and Coal Trade Co Ltd Registered in London. Had another ship called Lodestone.

Hamish Mackintosh
24th March 2007, 21:49
They had a Coralstone also I believe.We were LEFO just out of the Panama canal after two years out, with the Coralstone astern ,who had also been out for a fair jag, both loaded with grain from Portland Oregon, when one morning we looked astern and the Coral stone was no longer with us, the sparkes told us later that her cargo had been sold to the Chinese so she was heading back west, we spent a very apprehensive time untill we saw the coast of Blighty

25th March 2007, 05:51
Alva was part of the Vlasov group. Buff/Yellow funnel Blue V as in Sitmar.

25th March 2007, 12:49
Thanks to everybody who answerd my question,does anybody know what happend to it, and has anybody have a photo of it

25th March 2007, 13:08

Heres a list of vessels they owned trying to find out what happened to her

Name of Ship Year Built Gross Tonnage Type of Cargo
Lodestar 1938 4877 Freight
Pearlstone 1953 5925 Freight
Starstone 1938 5764 Freight
Alva Bay 1953 11800 Tanker
Alva Cape 1953 11200 Tanker
Alva Star 1953 12223 Tanker

john shaw
25th March 2007, 13:17
see this thread on this site:

25th March 2007, 15:08
SS Starstone 5702 tons built 1938 by Wm Doxford & Sons, Sunderland.
431.9 x 57.5 x 26.7. 3 cylinder up & downer built by Richardsons, Westgarth & Co Hartlepool. DF ESD. Registered London. British flag. Owners as above.

25th March 2007, 20:07
Thanks to everybody for the information,Reg

23rd November 2009, 09:08
I don't have a picture but I was 3rd Mate on the Starstone for a year (late 1959-1960) while still an apprentice. On that trip it took us 12 weeks from Fremantle to Yokohama - at full speed! She was sister ship to the Lodestone which I believe ended up rotting in the former Yugoslavia. I do have a picture of the Lodestone which I also sailed on for a few months. Navigation and Coal Trade Company were managers for the Alva Steamship Company. None of us liked the word "stone" as part of a ship's name, especially in a mid-Atlantic storm with water entering the engine room via the bilges!

18th June 2013, 22:45
Thanks to everybody who answerd my question,does anybody know what happend to it, and has anybody have a photo of it

my dad sailed on the starstone duringthe second war have been trying to research it i have a few pictures and foung out it ended up in japan where it was broken up in 1963