Photos of Union-Castle mailships in 1960s

25th March 2007, 17:39
Have many of you had regrets that you should have saved many photographs much earlier in your life? For a number of years now I have been trying to correct that by gathering photos and memorabilia of my Union-Castle days, from 1964 to 1967, much of which I have put on my website. There are, though, a number of episodes for which I have not yet found a picture. Can any of you help and maybe post any offerings here, or email me?
The personal events in question are:
August 1965 - Stirling Castle dry docked in Durban with a broken propeller
December 1965 - Edinburgh Castle damage after being hit by giant wave
April 1966 - CapeTown Castle show by circus performers travelling in Tourist
May 1966 - CapeTown Castle run aground in Flushing for the day
June 1966 - good aerial shots of many ships caught in strike in Southampton
Christmas Day 1966 - Edinburgh Castle officers serve crew lunch
February 1967 - Edinburgh Castle wrestling and boxing evening - my only one
April 1967 - race start between Ford car and Windsor Castle from Cape Town
July 1967 - Reina Del Mar's visit to Leningrad, in the Soviet Union then.

In addition: does anyone have any images of accommodation/deck plans for these ships? - Braemar Castle (or KenyaC, RhodesiaC), Stirling Castle (or AthloneC, CapeTownC) and the Reina Del Mar.

Many thanks and best wishes to all....RG

25th March 2007, 19:23
There is a listing on ebay at the moment for deck plans for the Kenya, Braemar, Athlone and Rhodesia Castles. Here is the link:- QssPageNameZWD2VQQcmdZViewItem