Interest in Brocklebank

john g
27th March 2007, 20:51
Have any ex Brocks noticed the the number of views and replies we seem to generate ......not bad for a relatively small Liverpool based company....very unique by todays gahastly corporate structures......

Tony Selman
28th March 2007, 12:56
This has been commented on a couple of times before John. We are by some distance the most active of all the individually named companies on this board, both by the number of threads and the number of responses. I have no idea why that is other than the obvious fact that Brock's was an excellent company to work and undoubtedly generated great loyalty.

I am in a position to compare because I also worked for another excellent company in P&O who treated their employees very well and were manned by outstanding people. P&O was very much larger than Brock's and I was very happy with both companies but the P&O section of the board quite often goes for weeks without a new posting. I, for one, have no idea why one section is so active and the other is not but as an ex-Brock's man I was very proud then and am pleased now to be a small part in an excellent board.