CAMITO St Georges to Southampton March 1968

31st March 2007, 23:13

Wonder if someone can assist. I travelled on the CAMITO from St Georges in Bermuda to Southampton in March 1968. I have the Farewell Dinner menu so I know we arrived in Southampton Sun 17 Mar 1968. Can anyone help with identifying the date we would have left St Georges - I think it would have been either Fri 8th or Sat 9th March?

Thanks for any assistance ....


John Rogers
31st March 2007, 23:49
if you have your old passport the date should be in there.

1st April 2007, 08:17
Thanks your reply to my posting. I have checked my old passport I have a stamp that confirms the date of arrival in Southampton but sadly no stamp on departure from Bermuda.

Ron Stringer
1st April 2007, 18:20
Never sailed on her, and never sailed from Bermuda to So'ton but did 7 UK/West Indies trips on her sister ship the Golfito (which was on the same run and timetable). From Port Antonio Jamaica to Southampton took us 9.5days (Thursday night sailing to arriving on Sunday midday of the following week).

As Bermuda is about 1,000 miles nearer to Southampton than is Jamaica, I would therefore guess that the "Camito" would have covered the distance in about 7 days. Work that back from your arrival date and you will not be far out.
Good luck

Jim S
1st April 2007, 19:27
I would say that Camito would have left St Georges on Saturday the 9th to arrive In Southampton on Sunday 17th March. During my 20 trips on her it was always the aim to make a Sunday arrival. Bad weather occasionally delayed us to Monday but that was exceptional.

6th April 2007, 11:30
Thanks one and all for your responses to my posting I conclude our departure from St Georges was more than likely on the Sat. As a sort of thank you have just uploaded a few photos of CAMITO including one looking aft towards the bridge and one of my port side single cabin (44) on Saloon Deck. Hope they bring back a memory or two!