Daniel Adamson Preservation Society

4th April 2007, 20:49
I am a trustee of the above Society which was formed to restore a 104 year old twin screw steam fired tug tender to her former condition.

In order to this we are looking to replace some of the pieces of equipment that went missing whilst she was laid up at the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum.

These include

Chadburn Independent working Twin Handled Telegraph
Various Tallow cups BSB
Steam Pressure Gauges
Compound Vacuum Pressure Gauge
Vacuum Steam Pressure Gauges
Vacuum Gauges up to 31 inches (see attached photograph)

We would obviously be willing to pay a reasonable price for any of the above.

To find out further information about our society take a look at our website



neil marsden
4th April 2007, 20:56
Well done Colin, hope we get some response to this.

4th April 2007, 23:23
I've never seen a 31" vacuum gauge.
I think you want a 30"Hg Vacuum gauge.