HMS Dasher

5th April 2007, 21:02
I was watching on the History channel last night the story of "The man with no Face". In the documentary it mentioned the sinking of HMS Dasher in the Firth of Clyde.

The documentary made small mention of the cause of the sinking of the American built escort carrier I am interested to learn what the outcome was to cause such a happening. It briefly said there was something to do with the design but as it was war the British Government did not want to upset their American friends.

Don Matheson
5th April 2007, 21:15
HMS Dasher blew up and sank, with great loss of life, between the Island of Arran and Ardrossan on the Clyde towards the end of the war, 1944 if my memory serves me correctly,
Lot of the crew were burried at Ardrossan but the navy kept this very quiet using wartime as a reason. Bit like the big passenger ship on the south coast of England. Cant remember to much about it but once met a chap who had written a very good book about it. Will try and find out some more and let you know what I come up with.

Brian Twyman
6th April 2007, 12:28

There is a book, video and website for this ship:

Wkipedia gives a good account :

Interesting reading.


16th April 2007, 23:28
I Read The Book On The "dasher" And From What I Could Gather ,the Carrier Was Taken Aircraft Back On Board And One Came In Too Low And Hit The Space Between The Flight Deck Aft,this Caused Explosions Through Out The Ship-- I Fully Recommend You Read This Book.