10th April 2007, 08:15
A couple of questions concerning the 1951-built Hildebrand.
On 25.9.57 Booth Line's Hildebrand ran aground in thick fog at Cascais Point, outside Lisbon. The efforts to refloat her were not succesful so she was abandoned on 28/10/1957 as a total constructive loss.

I never saw a photo of the wreck, anyone having one to share with the rest of us?
Does anyone knows if the wreck later sunk in deep water or if she was scrapped?

10th April 2007, 10:29

Please find


Pedro Valadas
31st July 2007, 22:49
September, 1957: I was 6 years old.
Hildebrand wrecked very close to Guia lighthouse - Cascais - Portugal, due to fog.
My family and I went to see the boat.
That happened 50 years ago and I can't forget it.
I was very sad and chocked.
Hidebrand! The name was, is and will be in my memory for ever.
Every weekend I used to visit it and the boat progressively was more ruined by the sea, which is particularly bad in that coast.
I don't remember how many months were necessary for the last part of it to desapear under the sea.
Today I decided to look for the ship in Internet, and found it... as well as this forum.