Permission to come aboard

tony smith
27th February 2005, 11:02
Hello everyone out there (:D)
I have worked for 37 years in the marine industry, firstly as an apprentice with The Newbury Diesel Company building "Sirron" engines.
During the engine build run down, my attention was switched to engine controls and system management.
The company was sold by Everards (bad mistake) (=|) in 87 and joined the Radamec Group as Radamec Control Systems.
My experience over these years has seen worldwide travel and working on every type of craft from the smallest the "Yvonne T" in Portsmouth up to largest "HMS Ocean".
Hope to have long chats

Ron B Manderson
27th February 2005, 11:49
Welcome tony
Sure someone will come up for you .
join the merry band

tony smith
27th February 2005, 11:52
Cheers Ron

27th February 2005, 18:58
Welcome from Italy we need of alll enthusiast of merchant ships.i hope to see
your pics in the site !!!

Doug Rogers
28th February 2005, 00:19
Welcome Tony, enjoy the site and the company.Look forward to your contributions.