SS Marquess of Bute

15th April 2007, 16:19
I'm trying to find out what happened to the above vessel on which my Great-Grandfather - Frank Thomas - was Second Engineer. I know she was wrecked in a collision between South Stack & the Skerries 20.3.1910. Can anyone advise me where I can find out please.

Tom Wales
17th April 2007, 11:46
There are some references to ss Marquis of Bute collision through google

although they do focus on the other ship. The spelling is different however the date is the same.
THe Marquis of Bute is referred to as a Liverpool ship , therefore local Liverpool press may have run a story. There was a ship of that name registered in Cardiff in 1847 (No. 027068) and there were strong Cardiff connections with that name. If it is the same one the register should confirm the sinking date. If that were the case maybe the Glamorgan Record Office could help

17th April 2007, 19:04
thank you very much I'll follow that up.