Greetings from USA

Chief Office No.1 Son
27th February 2005, 23:20
An interesting site, I'm always on the look out for info and photos of ships when Britain had a Merchant Navy.

My old man was a mate with Blu Flu via Elder Dempster and Paddy Henderson's. I had a priveleged childhood around some of the finest cargo liners of their day. Came across the site when searching for Glen Line vessels, and saw an interesting photo of the Glenogle (built 1962 by Fairfields of Govan) berthed by the Stobcross Crane in Glasgow. She is obviously on revenue earning service from the configuration of her derricks and not fitting out. This is unusual for two reasons.

1 Glens rarely if ever operated out of UK West Coast ports, which were reserved by the conference to subsidiary Blue Funnel ships.
2 Blue Funnel ships visiting the port of Glasgow invariably (except dry-docking) berthed at KGV a couple of miles down river.

Great Site, Peter C.

Doug Rogers
28th February 2005, 00:26
Welcome to the site and hope you enjoy it, there are a lot of knowledgeable people involved so ask away.

Chief Office No.1 Son
28th February 2005, 01:26
Thanks guys' looking forward to discussions on line about ships.
Peter C.

28th February 2005, 05:32
GLENOGLE was indeed loading at the Stobcross crane and was certainly the first time she had returned to the Clyde since building.The shot was taken in April 1977.
GLENLYON,wearing a Blue Funnel came to Glasgow the previous year and loaded both at the big crane at Stobcross and in KG5. Photo somewhere in the Forums!

28th February 2005, 10:34
Welcome from Italy and go ahead!!!

27th April 2005, 22:41
I was fourth engineer on the Glenogle when the picture was taken. She was on a five week coasting trip before going deep sea. If my memory serves me well she also called at Dublin where I joined her Belfast, Glasgow, Hull, Birkenhead and London. The coasting Skipper unfortunately had a heart attack in the Mersey Tunnel on the way to India Buildings. Strange how certain events stay with you for ever. They were wonderful ships and I was fortunate enough to do three deep sea trips on her many happy memories.