Hello, Ex UBC man here..........

Paul T
28th February 2005, 00:46
Hello everybody,
I was looking for a ship, on the web; drifted into this site more by accident than design. Looks like an interesting place. Regards, Paul T.

Doug Rogers
28th February 2005, 01:28
Welcome and hope you enjoy the site, look forward to your input.

28th February 2005, 06:37
And from me,too.Had two enjoyable trips to Finland on BALTIC EAGLE in the late 1980s.

28th February 2005, 11:32
Wellcome from Italy ,i hope you help us in the site with your pics!!!!

Ron B Manderson
28th February 2005, 12:17
welcome fae bonnie scotland
WE may be helpful but are not mind readers
what ship are you looking for
Stand by chappies LOL