British Osprey

19th April 2007, 16:17
Does anyone remember Kandla and the local fire briggade football team?
The Osprey played them for a trophy (they won)

Mick farmer
19th April 2007, 19:14
Was there in June1961 on British Birch

we were delayed 24hrs entering port because a ship went aground

coming out. the Harbour Master was having a bath and couldn't

be disturbed so as to inform us if we could enter

20th April 2007, 14:14
We were in Kandla for 4 days at the beginning of February 1962 on the Patriot & played & lost against the firemen. They had the advantage of knowing where all the potholes were on the "pitch."
I left the Birch 27th March 1961 so must have just missed you. I left her on the Tyne & was under the impression that she was then laid up. BP must have had a change of heart.
Kind regards,

20th April 2007, 22:03
Went to Kandla and Port Okha on the Kiwi in 1967. We played a game of football against a team from one of those ports but I cannot remember which one. I do remember however that the "pitch" was bone dry and very hard. Guess it was probably Kandla?

Mick farmer
21st April 2007, 16:49

You are right I joined a month later in the Tyne after drydock


21st April 2007, 21:57
Does anyone remember the Kandla firemens soccer team .... !!! What a bloody silly question, how could anyone forget !!! The so called Trophy was always theirs, I don't think anyone ever beat them that I heard. Mind you Gadgee was probably more correct in that the pitch was memorable knees have never been the same after having been ground skinless by the hard semi-ground glass surface of the pitch. I seem to remember my shins also felt pain ... having been kicked by a few BARE feet, man their feet were like cast iron. John F I think remembers the Port Ohka pitch which was full of potholes.

Anyway the soccer games were the most memorable thing about those places, that and the name of the Gulf ... Gulf of Kutch !!! The ship? British Sergeant in 1960 ... 14 months away ... what a trip ... could do it all again we didnt realise how lucky we were .. we didnt realise how lucky we were.

The only other soccer game I can remember was in Sweden against some Russians, the pitch was soaked with dew, it was cold and we were of course out of condition so getting the "Stitch" was par for the course followed by calf muscles cramping up !!! We never did win any games. !!!


24th June 2008, 16:34
I remember the football match on the Sergeant same time as Barnsey the crew wore leather work boots the fire men barefooted and they still won I seem to remember there were drinks somewhere afterwards.

2nd July 2008, 11:20
Visited Kandla on the British Renown in 1963, so that means you were there as well John F - don't think we played football

2nd July 2008, 22:49
Visited Kandla on the British Renown in 1963, so that means you were there as well John F - don't think we played football

I don't remember a football match on that occasion either. I think we had loaded in Abadan for Bombay & Kandla & then returned to Abadan to load for the Aussie Coast.

I do remember, about 1 hour out from the approaches to Kandla on my watch in darkness, a line of fishing boats stretched right across ahead of us, suddenly switching their lights on & becoming visible. They were only about a mile away, leaving me no room to manoevre. They obviously had individual nets strung between each boat. I aimed for the largest gap I could see & prayed that they would drop the net between the 2 boats in the gap that I aimed for. Thankfully, that is what happened but we were very close to them, too close for comfort. However, I never heard anything about the incident, even though the fishing boats were close enough to easily read our name. Captain J.Bridgewood was thankfully in his bunk at the time.....
This was not dissimilar to another incident involving a BP tanker in the North Sea, when there used to be plenty of drift net fishing boats around. It was reported that one of the Company's vessels, on a voyage from the Baltic to the Tyne for drydock had a similar happening. However, when she went into drycock & the water was pumped out, a fishnet skirt was revealed wrapped around the hull below the waterline.......
Happy days!
Kind regards,