28th February 2005, 14:21
MAIPURA buit Wm Hamilton/ D Rowan 1952 single screw turbine 15 knots gt
9748. (photo B Feilden)

michael james
28th February 2005, 20:14
Hi Tanker, Thats a lovely picture of Maipura with the Liver building in the background.
I was on the deep sea Port Line charter Aug 1959 to Feb 1960 to New Zealand on her, through Panama Canal, one of my more memourable voyages as a second year apprentice in Brocklebanks at the time !.
Capt was Tommy Fox-Lloyd, Ernie Watkins mate, Dave Winter 3rd mate, Nick Gillibrand 4th mate and Geoff Nicholls Junior Apprentice (the last four were at the reunion in 1993) all alive and still kicking.

1st March 2005, 10:10
Very good, i am sure that someone comments the Liver building!!!!
Ciao Michael